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  1. The point of the gif was to illustrate a basic fundemental of irregularities between client and server which is beyond easy to fix but given such little effort to rectify; the penn in this situation is irrelevent, these sorts of things are littered throughout Atlas, the annoying thing isn't taming an elephant but the fact the game could be one of the best in existence with a little TLC. Also your contrast of support is somewhat strange, you're agaisnt it in other posts but aggressive and defensive in another; you literally agree with my post in another reply, are you okay? " Probably working on another game. Almost a year and there are still so many huge issues which were there at day one. This game is unfixable. Sad, I was so hyped about Atlas. "
  2. I've played atlas now for a year and you know what? I love it, however... What really suprises me and annoys me about Atlas is that at its core, it's amazing, it's an amazing concept and is excuted in a way that allows memorable and fun player moments, which nearly every single game released to date misses, but what really purplexes me is how programmers can constantly mess up and write bugs for something extremely trival, I'm curious to question if Grapeshot QA actually exists. As somebody who has released multiple AAA titles, it confuses beyond the point of belief, it can't be, yet seems so plausible. For example, trying to tame an Elephant. What really seems weird in this gif is that the client seems to think that feeding the Elephant is completely possible (it's highlighted and an option), yet when I press E nothing happens, I move a little closer and the Elephant hits me, so what is really happening here? My general thought is the client and the server are NOT aligned but I get hit at the correct points, so to my disbelief it is literally down to extremely poor client or server programming, how does a game that makes $100m allow this to happen? literally any kid on a computer science course could write this better and shows either a huge discompassionate attitude toward the games or just the inability to do it correctly, which is truely sad.
  3. Still can't connect, do you happen to know where to find this?
  4. Hi, Since the last day I can no longer connect, just on an infinite connecting/loading screen. Does anybody know a fix?
  5. It doesn't make sense that sometimes I can't even attempt to claim somebody else's land, but ours is always claimable - something is missing here for sure..
  6. Logs in after patch to expect 30% less ships. Spawn with 3 around my ship, the odds must be agaisnt me ey?
  7. along the lines of "gay king's live here fuck you" - or something along the lines of negative gay remarks
  8. as the title says, a guy is constantly being abusive and chaing our territory flag message to racist or homophobic clans
  9. So, Today we logged in after being told these ships were fixed to find our ship and shipyard completely destroyed, how hard can it be really... It's getting rediculous now, I've lost 5 ships to this overnight for the past week..
  10. Will I have to wait 10mins for it to erect? Would my land be at risk in that time?
  11. I'm just trying to protect my territory, as people keep trying to claim it, but when I try to claim others, sometimes it says they've recently done "upkeep" so I can't even attempt to claim it
  12. Hey guys, Have a question, sometimes on territory it won't allow me to place a flag at all, and say's there's "Flag upkeep" recently, how do I also protect my area? Because people can still place flags even know we have a large establishment. Thanks!
  13. Hey guys, we really want to build defenses around our ship as the stupid ghost ship keeps killing them when we are offline, but I can't see to extend out or build infront of the ship, any advice for extending and building out?
  14. afaik they don't attack rafts, but the fact we lose our ship overnight without doing anything is just dumb
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