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  1. so i know they plan on adding player owned shops in free ports. but i think it would be really cool to have player owned towns with a sort of government. a town companies could fight over every week or so. taxing the shops X% to the "governor" (company leader(s)) that goes in a chest. Even if it was a prebuilt town to make things easier on the devs. Its something i believe was in puzzle pirates (ya i played pp instead of RS in middle school).
  2. i like it. would be a way to create a sort of government and/or town. which is something id really like to see. Player made towns with markets and such with a "governor". not just player owned markets in freeports. but im a solo player so maybe that kind of idea just fits me better over joining a massive company.
  3. there are those who are willing to test betas, and those who aren't. the ones who arent but still try are usually pretty loud about it. PTR has test in the name. its meant to be tested and provided feedback. what they do with that feedback is their choice. Considering the devs said they were going to completely remove claims for pve servers then said instead they were going to revamp claims for PVE, id say they are at least listening to our concerns.
  4. i googled "atlas v25 patch notes" and this is what came up. i read the whole thing (kinda) and got really hyped before i noticed the red text at the top (hence kinda). i liked every idea but the mo'players = mo'structures like light houses. but thats cuz i play solo. If the devs took this to heart then Atlas would truly feel different than Ark and much more like a MMO. Not that i mind that they are so similar. It would just be nice if Atlas had its own flavor and wasn't a coke (ark) or pepsi (atlas) type of difference. P.S. i like the fast travel idea. yes it would kinda suck but it would make the game more immersive and less teleporty.
  5. as multiple ppl have stated multiple times in this thread, its the same across all 4 official clusters.
  6. just spawned at h6. i waited for it. on east side take the middle or top of the 3 paths. the bottom leads directly the cave but is the hardest path. its easier to get above the cave then drop down from ledge to ledge until u reach the cave. here is the map that shows next spawn (m12): https://www.atlasgame.info/map
  7. "it functions as intended" is what im guessing the response would be from the programmers. ships can only move forward which is dumb. in order to turn out of this u have to keep the sail in the red just before it turns color. this way ur raft will turn but not move forward. as long as the sail is not on 0 rotation. it has to be on the - or + sides.
  8. not a bug please move to general discussion.
  9. nobody971

    Whales OP

    not a bug. please move to general discussion.
  10. 1050ti on high/ultra?!? AAAAAAHAHAHAHAHAAA! i havnt laughed so hard in ages! do u play games at 15 fps? ur funny man. good one. u must only play minecraft. when i worked at a tech company i gave a customer's kid my personal extra HD 4750 FOR FREE that i had from a previous build because he had a x50 card. thats not a gaming gpu dude. also have u tried the low memory launch option they added when launching the game through steam? because for modern games 8GB is becoming not enough. Atlas is using ~6,600MB out of 32GB that i have. if ur system is only seeing 8gb u could defiantly be running out of memory.
  11. update: i logged off for ~45min and logged back on and it seems fixed. i tried to reproduce the issue and i cant so far. I checked patch notes thread and asked in game but no one seems to know of a patch sense i was on last. wll update again if i run into the issue a 2nd time.
  12. not a bug. please dont post non bug related things in bug report forum. please move this to general discussion.
  13. To be clear: this is a very specific "test" because i dont have access to spawn and test things properly. so my test is VERY specific. normally id test various things but i dont have the ability to do so without spending hours farming stuff. which is not something im whiling to do. Problem: 1. sloop auto anchors with NPC on sails. 2. Anchor raise visually via icon when leaving the sloop but seems to still be anchored functionally being that the sloop isn't effected by waves like an unanchored ship is. **Needs further testing** 3. Sloop seems anchored even when sailing (see attached pictures). i have not tested any other clues to the sloop actually being registered as anchored or not (via ship of the damned attack or something) because i don't want to loose my sloop. **Needs further testing** Reproduce: 1. have a sloop anchored on small shipyard with med speed sail on 2nd from front slot and an NPC crew member (mines lvl2) on said sail. 2. Open sail manually by opening sail UI and clicking open. (see note 1) 3. get on the wheel and try to raise anchor or do anything sail related with npc on sails. none are responsive. Neither the ship or sails will move. Note 1: I'm not 100% sure this is the cause i just noticed that it acted differently. instead of the anchor raising like I'm used to when i misclick, the anchor stayed down. I'm not sure if i clicked +10% or full. Should be: 1. NPC on sails should not auto anchor sloop. 2. Sloop should anchor when exiting sloop (as per im used to seeing), not raise anchor. 3. sloop should not anchor in deep water (as per im used to seeing) but seems to. **Needs further testing** extra info: 1. sloops acts as normal (minus anchor icon) with NPC not manning any positions. 2. Have not replaced NPC crew member to see if it's just the NPC that's bugged. 3. have not tested with 2nd NPC cew member on wheel. 4. i have tested moving to another region. The bug persists through different regions without step 2 from reproduce section.
  14. Problem: Enemy Shipyards (only small tested so far) block building on top of existing foundations. Reproduce: 1. Player 1: Build foundation near water. 2. Player 2 (enemy to player 1): build small shipyard close to player 1's enemy foundation. 3. Player 1 can no longer place anything on said foundation or snap anything to it. Building for player 1 is blocked by Player 2's enemy shipyard. should be: shipyards no build zones should not overlap enemy no build zones or take priority over foundations. I recommend significantly reducing shipyard no build zone as well. Info: this was tested on official NA PVE server, region E5, NE corner of stingray island.
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