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  1. So I lagged out again. No big deal. Usually I just "Rejoin" and everything is fine. Occasionally it times out, again no big deal. Now I am getting the notice that "Joining Failed: Unable to fetch current server info to join." So I went to join new server... and there are no official sessions to be found. Plenty of Unofficial, but nothing Official... is this a bug, or did everything go offline?
  2. Putting on boots, still in Freeport area, but not longer in the town.
  3. Rain

    Fatal Error Info

    First off Lobotchx, you clearly do not understand the concept of beta and bug reporting. I specifically said, don't respond. So please shut up and stop cluttering the bug report thread with inane garbage. My character is fine. You need to go find some other game to play and stop trolling forums.
  4. Rain

    Fatal Error Info

    logged back in easily. Working in the same spot in Freeport, readjusting my skill trees and crashed again. Please see report below.
  5. No need to respond. Just trying to be helpful and report the bug.
  6. Rain

    Game won't boot.

    I can't get into the game to switch to windowed mode. And I was able to play yesterday?
  7. I go to steam, click on play. I get a translucent image of the two pirates, then it all stops. I am not sure if this is a CTD or what. I get no notice or error. It just won't load at all.
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