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  1. Throne

    Bred animals not gaining xp

    We have several bears that we have bred that are level 120+ and are not gaining any XP at all. Please fix at your earliest convenience, thanks!
  2. Throne

    tame Tamed Lion is Not Leveling

    same problem on Kraken's maw.....bred bear, no xp after killing several animals on our island
  3. Throne

    Painting canvas not working.

    canvas painting not working for me either
  4. Throne

    Admins can't "F"

    any chance this has been looked at yet?
  5. Throne

    Admins can't "F"

    When the company ranking system is activated, those with an "admin" designation can no longer use the "F" key to open inventories. When the company ranking system is not active, "admins" can "F" What the "F"!