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  1. Been playing on the 3x3 PvE server for a few days solo and the increased rates and SP's are nice.
  2. Casey.Ambraelle

    pve PVE EU - Tradehub J2 ( Tundra Hobbit Traders )

    Do you have any giraffe's for sale?
  3. Casey.Ambraelle

    Cant climb ladders

    Been having this issue a lot this weekend even when I'm not anchored in shallow water when I swim up and get the climb option the animation changes to climbing the ladder but I'm still swimming. Work around I found was to destroy the lowest ladder of a ladder chains and I would then be able to look up and climb the remaining ladder.
  4. Casey.Ambraelle

    pve [EU-PVE] Hare Krishna's Animalshop GER/ENG

    Elephant and crow were of much higher wild level than I expected. 10/10 will trade with again
  5. Casey.Ambraelle

    Creature Designer

    How about a fix for the rampant clipping issues that tames have? Can't walk passed a tame w/o clipping into it and getting stuck but when you scroll out and look nothings touching the tame but yet I'm still stuck. How about a fix for the pathing AI when they're set to follow and get stuck on/inside each other, rocks, trees and any other random invisible pieces of environment? How about a fix for tames just randomly sinking into the world and getting stuck while they're being rode? How about adding in a /stuck command that moves 1) the player and mount being rode, 2) the target under the reticule, or 3) the player if no other viable target within range with a 5 min cooldown and a low AoE to prevent spamming and exploiting. Every day this week I've had to tear apart half my base to get tames out of the foundations. Maybe the order in which the games loads assets in needs to be looked at. Load the world, then structures, then tames and players and put some sanity checks in place to make sure tames and players aren't loading under/in stuff. This is the bear I was riding when it just sunk under the world mesh with me on it. The only way I got off and out from under the world mesh was to keep spamming dismount/mount until it spit me out enough to get on another bear I had with me. Fozzie is still stuck under the world mesh.
  6. Casey.Ambraelle

    pve [EU-PVE] Hare Krishna's Animalshop GER/ENG

    Hello, I'm interested in an elephant and a crow for either silver or gold.
  7. Casey.Ambraelle

    Claimed shipyard w/built ship

    I can demo it in the shipyard is my other option. Friends have captured other shipyards with incomplete ships in them and were unable to finish building them or release them. The only option that worked was demo. It would save me a ton of work to be able to claim it vs. demo and salvage I just reached Lvl 26 and can respec into pirate to get the ship claim flag timer reduction skill just don't know if it will work or how it works
  8. Casey.Ambraelle

    Claimed shipyard w/built ship

    I don't have the means to sink it by aggression if I launch it and its not claimable Also PvE server
  9. Casey.Ambraelle

    Claimed shipyard w/built ship

    It sits unlaunched in the shipyard fully built minus a few hatch covers. I can release it or demo it I don't want to release it and have a ship I can't claim or demo sitting there.
  10. Casey.Ambraelle

    Claimed shipyard w/built ship

    I claimed land that has a shipyard with a fully built ship in it. The shipyard now says I'm the owner but the ship in it still shows the inactive company as the owner. I can't place a claim flag on it as I get an error says can only claim enemy ships. My question is Is it claimable at all or should I just demo it and salvage the resources? If its claimable how do I go about claiming it?
  11. Casey.Ambraelle

    Skills Forum Section

  12. Casey.Ambraelle

    Skills Forum Section

    Thanks for the heads up will stop trying to unlock it
  13. Casey.Ambraelle

    Skills Forum Section

    The added skill points have allowed me to explore more skill trees which has been nice. Still haven't found a way to unlock Tarot tree yet.
  14. Casey.Ambraelle

    Skills Forum Section

  15. Casey.Ambraelle

    Skills Forum Section