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    Max Level Difficulty And Leveling Tames?

    Anything else I might be able to do? According to a couple comments this mod has a couple issues with it.
  2. In single player, if you set the difficulty to 1 and enable max difficulty, will I still be able to level tames after they were tamed? Been reading that there has been issues with leveling creatures that take out above a certain level.
  3. So, finding treasure boxes is cool and all, but what do you do with the gold in single player mode?
  4. I am excited about solo-player mode in Atlas as my computer couldn't handle multi-player once everyone was building on the same islands. So, I never got very far in the game. With the release of SP, I am curious if there are quests to do or some sort of story mode?
  5. lonegreywolf20

    Playing Solo or with a group ?

    I play solo with the occasional grouping in everything that I play. Just don't have much time for grouping with kids and such and needing to leave the keyboard randomly for them. Not fair to the group that I am in. Will see how it goes solo.