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  1. ArchSight

    Brief update on PTR & the upcoming ATLAS 1.5 patch

    So stealing ships still not feasible possible in a pirate game.....
  2. ArchSight

    Territory Claim Bugs and Exploits

    Basbridge Key in F2 has a claim territory that can't be claimed on the map. It's surrounded and over lapped by green claims. Another claim there that isn't NEU Adversary is being kept by some kind of possible exploit. There's a possibility it's a player using a exploit to fall through the map.
  3. ArchSight

    Unable to query server info for invite

    When I try to verify integrity of game files of atlas on steam there's always one file that fails. It's been happening sense day one of early access for Atlas. Could it be the file that keeps failing to be the one causing it?
  4. ArchSight

    Unable to query server info for invite

    N9 pvp US kraken maw got the same error. I'm a steam user Southern CA.
  5. ArchSight

    Emergency Maintenance & NA PVP Rollback

    Nice but having a updated ban list is a good way to let us all know devs are taking action.
  6. ArchSight

    Arch Sight cant connect to server

    It loads Primalgamedata_BP twice then the screen blinks. A message box shows up saying: Lost/timeout pending connection to host. game version Patch 6.52 (Rev. 105929)
  7. ArchSight

    Arch Sight cant connect to server

    Hi, I cant connect to Servers. I keep getting connection time outs. I died and then tried to respawn but the game crashed. Ever sense then I've been getting connection time outs. I've already re-installed the game, validate it in steam, Shut off all other programs like anti-viruses and firewalls that could be blocking it. It still doesn't connect. My region is fairly not laggy but no trees are still not spawning on the island where my company dominates. The island is also getting clutter from many ships from the starter zones. Were forced to farm new ships coming in so we can get wood from them. I hope to get help with this matter soon.