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  1. if you need some quick live support feel free to join 700 other people looking for help and helping others! https://discord.gg/nUPzNUn
  2. we have one going on https://discord.gg/nUPzNUn soon.
  3. Mind if I make this public on the Atlas Server help Discord? https://discord.gg/nUPzNUn
  4. If you want access to quick tools and help join https://discord.gg/MeNdbBU <--- 400 people waiting to help!
  5. Again if you ever need livechat help join the server help discord.. https://discord.gg/z7phmPz we almost have 400 members helping each other and would be great if we had more people to help out!
  6. it wasn't much of a plug we have 250 people in there helping and asking for help... it stops people from arguing here.
  7. Hey guys can we not argue here? Just join the server support discord and ask for help.. https://discord.gg/nUPzNUn
  8. Hey Everyone! This is an issue we have with the default with some of the lines being off you will need to edit it yourself or make a new map
  9. Listen I can be kind... if you want help I have given you options.. All I have done today is be in this thread helping out.
  10. Chill out dude! There are many different ways issues have been caused.. you can check over this thread or you can ask here https://discord.gg/MeNdbBU
  11. https://discord.gg/MeNdbBU join there and check the downloads page
  12. Same one The redis is the link to them all
  13. We are all using https://discord.gg/nUPzNUn
  14. make sure you have the redis server running and have the maps files. ill tell you when I know I don't really see the use of one however we should probs take it all away from here so https://discord.gg/nUPzNUn
  15. This should help out the people with no torrent software! Thanks for helping out! Right lads imma put some pizza in the oven and ill get back to work on fixing this if anyone could help these are my current issues GameUserSettings.ini is resetting every time i start the server On connecting people get timed out (firewall setup and ports are open)