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  1. kings arena island the water around it acts like a cliff you jump in the water and fall to the bottom and break your legs and to cant swim back up your walking on the floor lol and you dont use oxygen and you have to climb your way back up. another bug i seem to be having is treasure maps when i look at them in my hot bar it closes my game full crashed out
  2. i have a few ideas for animal transport and maybe used for a few other things. 1. ship addon wooden crane this will be a way to pick up animals and put them on your ship a simple way to hook an elephant or rhino and stuff like that to pick them up and put them on your ship this also could be used for a storage platform as well for you be able to have the platform with movable storage like crates. 2 ship add-on animal storage cages to stop them moving around to lock them in place like the crew is locked on sails the sizes of the cages will depend on the size of the animal. 3. with animal storage and crane come to animal trading to npc away to make gold by selling animals to an npc at free port. 4. marine ship and wanted system for pve if you atack npc ships you gain a wanted rank the higher the rank more merine ship might come after you . thank you for reading sorry for any bad spelling or gramma
  3. i agree with the gold upkeep and a cap based on players but i still think we need the option to change the size of the claim radius cos there are bits of land that could fit people in but its unclaimable coz of the large size of the single claim
  4. the best way to fix claiming for people is to be able to change the size of the claim radius i say the size of the claiming radius is large and always conflicts with other flags so we should have the option to smalen the radius from large,medium,small by pressing T when a flag is in build mode just like how walls change to doors or windows frames but this will halp alot of people not being able to get land in areas coz the radius is to big. thank you for reading
  5. they need to fix resorses not respawning agin
  6. people from other companys can over weight your ship and sink it and there from other companys these guys sunk awer ship in E5 south island and sunk other peoples aswell today so thanks for the the time we wasted in building up in PVE!!!!!!! and i plz urg you to ban these guys and fix that bug som how coz there is no way we could kick them from the ship or anything.... there steam ID https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198062534826/ https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198033196726 these guys need to be stoped
  7. ok they dis a skill point change were things cost alot more i see this is good for PVP but it is really bad for PVE. in pve most people only play with 1-2 other people with the skill change it makes it hard for these people to play. so plz let the pve have less coast to skills dont just think of people in masive team think of them small teams too and pve is not pvp so think about that too DEV's
  8. when i havest trees plants and stuff they seem to be in the wrong place i hit a tree get nothing with an axe but if i hit the air around it i get the wood. for some reason the map of the island im at is blurrred all the time in any graphic setting ive had them to the highest and still blurred
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