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  1. Can anyone confirm if this is correct Shouldn't it be in the gameusersettings.ini file
  2. ./shootergame/servergrid/ /shootergame/servergrid/CellIMG.png /shootergame/servergrid/MapIMG.jpg
  3. The dedicated server software seems really buggy or unoptimized. Something just aint right with it. Iv test on 3 different machines, and it will always try to use 100% of 4 virtual cpu cores(threads) no matter what. Iv tested on a completely empty map with no islands and it still uses all that cpu power. Anyone else encountering a similar issue?
  4. Is there anyway to limit the animal spawns on custom maps, i notice there are quite a lot of animals spawning in my test server.
  5. You need to edit the game.ini [/Script/ShooterGame.ShooterGameMode] bClampHomeServerXP=False I should point out you need to edit the correct one as well as there are several. ..\ShooterGame\Saved\<SAVEDFOLDERNAME>\Config\WindowsServer\game.ini So if your command line parameter uses ?AltSaveDirectoryName=B1 The game.ini you need to edit would be located at ..\ShooterGame\Saved\B1\Config\WindowsServer\game.ini
  6. Why are you releasing the server files as a download through google drive instead of pushing it through steam. Is this some sort of twisted joke? You guys had it published on steam for about 3 minutes before removing it earlier https://steamdb.info/app/1006030/history/
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