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  1. a way to unseat everyone would be extreamly helpful as well
  2. another type of mortar and pestle would be amazing. like a chemistry bench of sort
  3. should make the ice cave an instance
  4. so almsot the end of the month and no PTR or date for the update. guess you missed another ETA?
  5. Anyone got a Galleon design to build for cargo? Something thats very light weight.
  6. I agree completely! plus the whole submarine and torpedo thing ticks me off too!
  7. What does the webhooks do or are suppose to do?
  8. I spoke to Amber a bout it a while back. We had a member who was part of the company and was removed due to reasons. His buildings are in our claim area and say demolish able but it doesnt allow us to do it when we click it. It is causing us to not be able to build or anything. Was told it would be fixed eventually then comments shut off to the post. Here is the link to the original ticket that was shut off without resolve. Hopefully something can be done about this. We have had 6 people quit due to this already...
  9. Dottie responded to mine after 5 days saying they know about the problem and it will be fixed eventually. great help they are...
  10. we are still having issues with "Demolish Allowed" from kicking someone out that was causing problems. We can not build or anything. Are you planning on looking into this anytime soon? @Jatheish
  11. what our issue was was that we had to kick someone out of the company and had everything set to personally owned. after waiting for the decay timers to go down we still cant destroy it. has anyone found a way to fix it? devs are no longer responding to me
  12. I'm having the same issue. Even placed more flags but nothing switched to my company. I've got a huge base now that I cant even use!
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