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  1. Paulo Le Crochu

    Chinese cheat

    Peace and Love guys
  2. Paulo Le Crochu

    Optimization Mod Request

    Hello ! If you go on this link you can see that optimisation are made almost every update. This game is not perfect, actulaly is not even finish. So please my friend, you paid for a pre-released game. You need to understand that it need time. When Ark came out, I was not enjoying the game because of the bugs, crash, and lags. So i stop playing it for while and then 6 month after tried again. And I loved it, no more lags, more dino. Atlas is a bigger project, it will need time. Be patient Hope to see you on the seas ! Paulo
  3. Paulo Le Crochu

    whats with the claims

    Yep, I like that It give new player a chance to do something in the future, because right now that game is own by the players who came first on the game. Everybody should have a chance. Yes, it should be possible for a tribe to upgrade his flag and in the long terms own a full island. Agree to disagree It might work, if you and your tribe can only have one claim it could offer a new part of the game. Like merchants, trading post market. If I live in a desert island, I will have resources that someone else has not. He could attack me, or he could trade with me. To finish with all that problem. The question is: What type of game wants the developers do? A "Race to claim" game or pirate game that can offer so much more than fight and claim Paulo
  4. Paulo Le Crochu

    whats with the claims

    I think it will be better if it was limit by the tribe because one flag per player, in a 150 player tribe this is the same problem. If one tribe could put one flag then with time upgrade it. It will be better. Right now in atlas you can see beginners and hardcore player. Less than a week after the pre-release it is almost impossible to find a place to live. I do understand that this is the point of the game to join alliance but in the long terms the not hardcore player could leave the game. Wait and see what our dear dev gonna do :)
  5. Paulo Le Crochu

    Power Stone

    Hello ! Power stones are in dungeon place all over the map. You can see them when you are in game on your map. It seems that there are 9 power stone on the map. And at the center of the map you can see (again when you are in game on your map) you need to bring all power stones. What for? May be a boss or a dungeon or something else. Paulo