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  1. #devs need to read and do something about this. We lost our Brigantine as well.
  2. WHY IS IT that in PvE you can get your base stolen and then have them destroy it all just to run away and never come back? doesn't that defeat the purpose of PvE? A player on NA PvE server by the name of Ebony Bain in the Zero Topia company is doing such things......... This needs to be changed, this guy literally destroyed everything then tried to claim he was just paying me back for stealing his stuff, of course which i have never done....
  3. If any DEV reads this please help out. Apparently if you create a company and even though you were the only one in it, and you decide to leave it ie disband it, you lose everything you owned as it belongs to that company even though that company doesn't exists. I recreated the company trying to see if that would fix it, however it lets you recreate but everything is still belonging to the original company.. This is the 9 time i have had to start over in the last 3 days. This is no longer fun, it's a P.I.T.A. There needs to be something done about this...
  4. From what I understand each 1x1 is a sever in its self. so this is how they get their "40k" 15x15 at 150 people per is 37500 people with each square being its own server. So to host multiple squares you would need a seriously powerful server, or multiple ones assuming your running max players. So far I have seen max of 100 people on a rented server for a 1x1...
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