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    Captain's Log 24: Public Test Realm Ahoy!

    Worst choice I have seen a game company make sine Sony with SWG and Jedis..
  2. Caldrin


    No I like them.. Especially for reloading a gun.. you can ignore and reload in the default time.. or do the mini game and reload a bit faster.. Would have been a good idea o have it fire fire arrows as well.. fuck it up and you set yourself on fire ;
  3. Caldrin

    Am I losing all my work?

    It's an MMO in development you should have expected full wipes to happen... I don't think this will be the only one either. Best to celebrate back when the game is finished.
  4. People will be back once the update hits anyway so what does it matter.. take some time out to do something else.. or go PvP crazy and kill everyone you can find in game with the 6x gathering.
  5. Caldrin

    You cant wipe characters

    Yes they can it's a game in early development.. there will probably be many wipes to come. Especially when there are major changes as they will want to test every system from the ground up. If you don't like the idea of that then wait until the game is finished. Clearly you have no idea what an alpha is. This is exactly what early access is about and also early access does not specify at what point of development s game is in it's just a way for a company to help fund their game and allow players in early to help test.
  6. Caldrin

    Come on, how did you NOT expect a wipe???

    Have tested many MMOs over they years and they had multiple wipes throughout development especially early on and especially if massive changes are made to the game mechanics that basically effect the entire world. I would also expect to see more wipes during development.
  7. Caldrin

    Playing now or wait for the wipe ...

    With the 6x on I'll jump on for some PvP for sure but not much else.
  8. No not at all.. usually when major changes were made to the game systems exactly like this. I maybe have 300 hours but I came into this early development know there would be wipes at some point.. especially when they started talking about making major changes to the way the game works.
  9. Have been a part of many alpha and beta tests over the years to many to count.. nearly every MMO I have tested have had multiple wipes all the way through development especially in alpha..
  10. It's mainly the size of the game really you can't make big sweeping changes like this without wiping the world.
  11. Caldrin

    WIPE CONFIRMED - Live Stream

    It's not instantly claimed takes a few hours so get out there and fight for the island you want
  12. Caldrin

    WIPE CONFIRMED - Live Stream

    The wipe is at the end of the month when the major update hits.. But saying that what difference does it really make if it's now or at the end of the month its a full wipe.. there is nothing for you to prepare for..
  13. But they were no MMOs and a very different type of game.. basically very mall scale compared to this. Major changes to the world or main game systems will nearly always require a wipe.
  14. Caldrin

    "Anarchy" or a self-inflicted wound

    Hell yeah I'm fine with it the game can go out in a blaze of PvP before the wipe. But saying that I have been playing other games as well.. so can't blame you for that.
  15. Caldrin

    Why are you wiping discovery points?

    They are wiping everything. Fresh start. It will also probably not be the only wipe during development.
  16. It's an MMO in early access it will probably have many more wipes to come.. I don't know why anyone would have thought otherwise.
  17. The raid time needs to be longer really.. it that needs to be the time it's not raidable..
  18. Caldrin

    What in the crap.

  19. Pretty clear they intend to wipe when they bring in the big changes. I mean they are only wiping because of what is getting changed so why would they wipe now only to have to wipe again later in the month. As for what will happen now until then ? Well 6x gathering so we can take the server out in a blaze of PvP.
  20. Thanks ivah was about to post the same thing for the silly OP.. I mean complaining that a game is early access is changing lol.. I have seen it all now lol
  21. You were probably watching something else then.. The guy dressed as a pirate clearly states everything will get wiped including characters.
  22. Caldrin

    WTF...You really think thats the answer?

    Clearly the game you made is better right..
  23. Caldrin

    FFS its a dumb idea

    At the very least they need to re-visit the weight systems on boats.. having Acton of cannons at the front or all on one side should make it sink really.
  24. Caldrin

    Server Wipe

    Yes but only if there is a really major change to the claim system. They should only consider wipes when the introduce big changes to game mechanics. If it's only a small change then no.