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  1. Went out with my bear yesterday. Granted, it's a shitty lvl 55 cargo bear but hey, the map was only a 3.3... easy right? aotd bear damage = 17 Ok, screw that. I got two pistols. I'll end this shit right now... boom... boom. aotd pistol damage (head shot) = 6 Well, that's good news. Now I can spec out of taming since I won't need a bear to sail around and do pointless maps with. And I can spec out of pistols because I only need a bow to kill the wolves around me. And, I won't have to waste skill points on crazy stuff like swords, or armor. Cool! Ok, so... to hell with maps, I'll go kill sotd. Whipped out he brig, spent an hour and a half sailing around. Killed 2 low level brigs and a low level galleon. Spent like 100 cannon balls and another hour repairing the brig (roof armor which npc's, who I'm PAYING, refuse to fix) My rewards? 39g, 19 large cannon balls (useless since large cannons are gunport only), 16 liquid flame (useless in pve), a common ballista and 9 ballista bolts. Oh, and a common ballista blueprint (Yipee!) Was that a hint for me to do whales? Naa. Can't be. In that hour and a half sailing around I didn't see a single one. Surely not. Ok, so remind me again, what was this grand plan about me spending more time at sea and less on land? I forget. Oh wait, I remember. That massive adrenaline rush I get from doing both of the 3.0 sunken treasure (the only 2 the sextant buffed showed in all that sailing around) which paid more than either the map or the sotd (barely)! And that's with me only getting to do one because after I dived on the second one I found the entrance to the chest buried under dirt. But hey, I still got 56g off the first one. Yea baby! Filthy rich. 105 more days like this and I can afford to change the name on my ship! Whew! I still have a reason to play the game. I'm so glad I came back to Atlas. (For those unfamiliar with me or my methods, this is NOT optimism. It's fucking sarcasm.)
  2. I'm done... again. Decided not to play until there's a wipe and the whole stupid land claim system gets fixed. It started with someone claiming and taxing a previously unclaimed island where I was farming tin and cobalt. It got exacerbated when I was trying to build a ship to take on STOD. Spent a small fortune in time and resources, got to the part where I was trying to place a sail and it kept saying obstructed (even though it was blue). Ripped half the ship back apart and it was still obstructed (and got 0 resources back because it wasn't 'anchored'). Got pissed off and demolished the entire shipyard. Then, got to looking at claiming the island I was on (not because I wanted taxes but because I didn't want anyone taxing all the work I'd put into it) and realized just how much maintenance I'd have to do to keep paying for it. Screw that. If you claim the land, you're taxed by the game, forced into a time-sink to pay for it and the only thing you get is that someone else can't tax you. If you live on someone else's claim, you're taxed by them, spend 20% more of your time to gather the same amount of resources and get nothing return. If you live on an unclaimed island, someone can come tax you without so much as a by-your-leave and you get nothing in return. Of course, the other option is to live on a lag-fest lawless island and there, you are never truly safe from dickhead neighbors. Sorry but this is supposed to be a game, it's supposed to entertain the players. None of those options above are entertaining to me. Ta-ta.
  3. THANK YOU! My god that was a long time coming. Always pitched my gear out under something and couldn't get it back.
  4. Would you have me any other way?
  5. Think of it like this. It's so much like reality. When you created the company you went to the bank and got a loan to start it. All of your shit was collateral. When you left the company, the bank repossessed. They just dispensed with all that bothersome legal paperwork. Here's the good news. Now that you know the secret, you can become rich (providing you're very likable.) Just start a new company, get people to join and then, boot them in the ass. Voila' you now own all their shit!
  6. Still hoping Realist. Still hoping. Have you bought the game yet or are you still spewing from a spectator's perspective? And for a serious response to this thread: Nothing is going to happen the way you want, the way you expect or even the way you hope. Thus far, Grapeshot has made it perfectly clear that they have some obscure vision for this game and they're hell bent on making it happen, regardless of how screwed up things get (remember paste to make a rock?). Early on they tried to make a comparison with EVE Online. For years, EVE players have had a voice in the direction of that game. https://community.eveonline.com/community/csm/ 10 players from the community are elected to that council for a 1 year term. CCP even flies them out to Iceland every year, flight and accommodations paid, in order to meet with the devs and discuss face-to-face the issues the players have. They don't always agree but, the players voices do get heard. This post, and the hundreds if not thousands on this forum like it, are nothing more than pissing into the wind. That gif that I made, and the reason everyone sees it as funny, is because that's the perceived truth. Until this game has something similar to that csm, you can jump on these forums and scream your head off all you want. Just realize, that gif is most likely how it's received.
  7. Funny thing, I made this like 6 months ago and it's still true today.
  8. Game crashing has been a problem since day one. SOTD have been a problem since they flooded the ocean with them the first week. And not having your own loot drop in a freeport when you die was a problem the minute they released that stupid patch. You have no idea who I am but I do know what this game is.
  9. RIght, because we know this game has been perfect since day one. My god, look who turned into the fanboy.
  10. Restarted in a freeport. Took 2 steps, game froze locked up. Restarted again. Played 30 min, game locked up again. Lost all my shit, Restarted again. Got my RSloop, next zone over, 5 SOTD dog piled me, ship gone. Lost all my shit, Ctl-Alt-Del, end task, fuck that. Waited a week. Restarted in a new freeport. Got my RSloop, Killed by 5 pigs, Lost all my shit. Fuck it.
  11. Because dipshits like you keep singing the praises of broken EA games, companies like GS can get away with making YOU pay to test a game for them. Damned funny isn't it? GS is laughing their ass off all the way to the bank selling a busted game and you're defending them like that's how it should be.
  12. Because god knows, that as a paid beta tester he should have no right to get pissed off when shit doesn't work. How dare he. Oh... wait a minute...
  13. I think you seriously underestimate the number of a**holes on this planet. So, let me give you a reason: Because some people just want to watch the world burn.
  14. Very clever. Any game that gives me an API where I can write my own C# code and create my own AI... in game... has my attention. I've owned it for years. Now, the servers are finally becoming stable enough that it's MP PVP is actually playable. He guessed it.
  15. Just wait. When you're pacing up and down the gunwales of your galleon trying to think of what to do... remember this post.
  16. I was waiting for this. There's always someone who's going to say, "Well, since I have no problems it must be your computer." Meanwhile I play a lot of other games and none of them crash to the point that they lock up and freeze. And just for comparison... AMD x8 @4.0ghz, 32gb ram, RX 580 4Gb, Kingston SSD. So it's not like I'm playing on a potato and I've tried every setting. Come to think of it, the freezing up became noticeably worse after inviting others to join me and using discord. Either way, like others who have posted on this thread, there's not much left to do. 650ish hours into the game, still haven't done power stones or anything high level and tbqh, I have no real desire to do any of that anyway. I was hoping that, with the comparisons to EVE that there would be a lot of trading going on in this game. I obviously misunderstood. Pitching shit on the ground is not a trading system to me. And what's the point of trading when you don't have to go that far to farm unique items? And the only point of unique items would be for high level gear, which I've never found useful as a tamer because my problem isn't damaging animals I'm trying to tame, it's not doing so much damage that I end up killing them. That or I could build more ships which cause more lag and still have no real reason to sail any of them any way. No... I'm going to go back to a game I've had for years that is coming out of EA this week.
  17. Since day 1 my client has crashed repeatedly. The game locks up and freezes. It takes task manager to kill the game and restart it. Unfortunately there is no crash dump file so reporting it does nothing and the dev's seem to be focused on the server code and not the client code. This lockup will occur 3-4 times per gaming session at random times. As a result, I can't be trusted to sail ships as it's likely I'll crash while doing so. We've lost one schooner this way. I can't be trusted with decent tames. I've also lost one nice bear this way. Since I can't be trusted to successfully sail a ship or ride a tame, two of the biggest factors in this game, then I certainly can't be trusted in more intense situations either. This effectively makes me useless for doing end-game content and it right pisses me off because the crashes occur at the most inopportune moments. The two recent losses as a result of crashing has essentially removed my will to play this game. Losing ships to a fight, I'm fine with. Losing tames as a result of my own stupidity, I'm fine with. Losing things I've worked for because of an unstable client, I'm not fine with. But hey, this is EA right? I should expect to lose everything without notice, right? Perhaps. But I should also expect to see patch notes that say they are fixing client stability. I should expect a bug report system where when I report this issue it's not cycled to the last on the page so that it doesn't get 'upvoted' and therefore gets ignored as unimportant. I guess everyone who's left Atlas has had that 'game breaking' moment where something convinced them that it's not worth it to hang around. This is mine. Whether it's coincidental or not, it seems most of my 'crew' are playing a lot less as well. I have therefore decided to enter maintenance mode. A large number of the claims we have I'm going to give to crew members as they leave the company and find others that are more stable to play with. Many are deciding to just quit. Claims on one particular island where I got started, I'm going to log in periodically to maintain. Those not wanted by company members, I'm going to either give away or let decay on their own. This also means that I'm going to give a lot less of a shit about these forums. There's no point in debating the finer points of a game that I essentially cannot play. So long and thanks for all the fish.
  18. You think this post is about a fucking bear? Save your fake pity for someone who doesn't know you.
  19. Normally, I try to be logical on these forums. A voice of reason and intellect. FUCK THAT! I am utterly sick and fucking tired of these 'not responding' crashes. Every single time I try to play, at least 3 times in the first 15 minutes the GD game crashes and stops responding to the point that I have to load up task manager and kill it. To make this stupid shit worse, I can't even log back into the GD game until I go to sleep. Last week we lost a schooner because of that bullshit. We are approaching a zone, I'm at the helm, crash... on the other side, SotD's have blown off 4 planks before I can even get back into the game. Tonite, I decided to go mine some cobalt in a polar region. Jumped by a yeti, crash. I finally make it back in with my bear at 20% health, hop on, run off and pop a heal. Not more that fifteen FUCKING MINUTES LATER... crash, not responding. This time I log in and a bear that I've had for over 6 weeks is dead and my shit is piled in a fucking heap. I do not want a fucking submarine. I do not want a fucking crab, a bookcase, or some undersea trench. Why? Because all of them are FUCKING USELESS in a game that constantly crashes. FIX THIS SHIT! Thank you. I am now done pounding on the keyboard. Oh, and don't even bother to tell me to submit a bug report. A. It's a freeze, there is no crash dump file to report. B. I reported this weeks ago. Do you know what page that report is on?
  20. But... but... the dev's said if you don't drop a flag every 10 meters, you can't WIN!!!! https://map.playatlas.com/
  21. Mine are stuck in buildings. On a ship, just lower and raise the anchor tnd they'll pop up.
  22. 1. If they announce a wipe, players who've quit will come back in a massive flood. 2. Let's assume you're right that only 3k keep playing. That's 3,000 players / 16 freeports = 187.5 players per freeport. Need I say more?
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