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    Need for a thatch animal

    Bitter? No, sarcastic. The game is less than 2 months old and people keep crying because they haven't gotten to that end-game content and 'won' yet. You have a tame that farms thatch. You're just too lazy to 'go out and explore the grids' and find places where the bear does it well.
  2. Jean Lafitte

    A fundamental design problem

    Never give a license to a man who can't build his own car. -out-of-work politician
  3. But wait, there's more! Claim land in the tundra and we'll throw in light green circles on a white island map that you can't see! Grab another claim now and we'll double that effect. And for a limited time, if you hold your map with the sun at your back, like magic, all of your claims vanish in an angelic whitewash!
  4. Jean Lafitte

    Need for a thatch animal

    I'm sick of seeing people whine about perfectly valid solutions to their problems because they're too damned lazy or too full of self-entitlement. I built an entire castle... in the tundra... on and island with no fiber and no paste... with nothing but hand tools and a horse. You want thatch? Chop chop.
  5. Jean Lafitte

    This is not fun!

    The biggest problem I see from those images as that you are on the same level as the bear and trying to feed it. If you build ONLY your taming pen on foundations so that the floor of the pen is elevated above the ground, when you X to crawl you will be under their mouth where they can't bite you and you can still feed them. That works for wolves and lions as well.
  6. Jean Lafitte

    pve Looking for land

    Sent you a pm.
  7. Jean Lafitte


    That's obviously an oyster you nubs.
  8. Jean Lafitte

    Do they enforce tickets for Griefing?

    When I downloaded it on the 9th, there were 496 bans.
  9. Jean Lafitte

    Alphas, alphas, alphas.

    Eh, go to the poles and solo yeti's without a tame. You'll get plenty of flashbacks from that.
  10. Jean Lafitte

    Freezing shortly after startup.

    Shortly after starting and logging into the game my client becomes totally unresponsive requiring a taskmanager/end task. This will often happen several times in a row with no actual crash. Taskmanager simply reports 'not responding.' It's extremely annoying as I have to wait for the server to detect that I'm not connected and put the character to sleep.
  11. Jean Lafitte

    Freezing shortly after startup.

    I'm starting to get rather fed up with this. In the past hour, I've crashed 3 times shortly after logging in. Yesterday, I lost count. Again, the game simply stops responding with no crash log requiring task manager intervention to get out of it. I then have to wait for my character, which is still logged in, to go to sleep in order to log back in. Otherwise, the client will just keep cycling as if it were trying to load into the game but never does.
  12. Jean Lafitte

    Alphas, alphas, alphas.

    Ok, so obviously you weren't around pre-wolf/alpha nerf. The reason people are laughing at your post is because of how utterly absurd it sounds compared to just a few weeks ago. You were what? Out with TWO bears farming? Pre-nerf, you would have been called an idiot. Now, we'll just call you a newb.
  13. Jean Lafitte

    Open land?

    Ah, you mean those nice cushy little tropical islands where they give you free beach towels, sunglasses and umbrella's in your mai tai? The ones that you expect when you're born with a silver spoon up your ass? Those islands with a hundred shipyards packed around them to the point you can't land a ship? Those islands with people jammed so tight together than nothing spawns and you can't piss out your back door without pissing on someone's house? You mean those islands that are so crowded that you have to tolerate 10 minutes of lag every time you sail into your port because of all the crap scattered along the beach? Yea, I'm sure you can find one if you look hard enough. Yea, you won't wanna live in the tundra. It's not nearly that luxurious. P.S. Grab me a robe from the hotel. mkay?
  14. Jean Lafitte

    They lowered the build limit on ships!

    So, I went to this Mercedes dealership looking for a new car. And the salesman told me that, because of accessory limits that they were having to downgrade the engines to 4 cyl 100hp. And the leather seats are replaced by velvet. And the satellite stereo, AM... not stereo. Oh and the carpet... rubber welcome mats cut to shape. What's the point of investing in a gaudy, massive ship that has all the comforts of a Honda Civic???
  15. Jean Lafitte

    Forum Cleanup

    Right, but other than you, who does that?
  16. Jean Lafitte

    Do they enforce tickets for Griefing?

    The official list of banned steam ID's for cheating/exploiting. http://atlasdedicated.com/pc/banlist.txt Yes, they do ban. No, they do not restore items. And I'm pretty sure there's another list from BattleEye that's not part of this list. I've never seen BattleEye put out any official list, just numbers.
  17. Jean Lafitte

    Best Changes ever?

    That was from a few patches back.
  18. Jean Lafitte

    Forum Cleanup

    No point in making suggestions either. The minute you do, yours is cycled straight to the bottom of the list. And let's be honest, who starts by reading the last page of suggestions?
  19. Jean Lafitte

    People claiming land

    I have land on NA PVE you can build on if you don't mind a 20% tax.
  20. Jean Lafitte

    personal governance

    I am concerned about OTHERS being able to take items with THEM if they quit the company so that they don't resort to punching trees. Do I need to parse my words further so that you comprehend? Or should I just spell this out for you in monosyllabic grunts?
  21. Jean Lafitte

    personal governance

  22. Jean Lafitte

    personal governance

    Are you seriously that daft?
  23. Jean Lafitte

    personal governance

    Actually, it's my company. No communists allowed.
  24. Jean Lafitte

    personal governance

    Because you and the communist above are describing a 'Utopian society'... https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Utopia ...in which everyone is happy and everyone treats everyone fairly... and which only exists in fiction.