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    Scooner Sunk by a crocodile level 4 , when spawn

    Good luck. I had this happen to me days ago. I suggest you do what I did. Bite the bullet, make another sloop and learn. From now on, when a croc attacks you on the sloop. jump off. You... are easily replace. The sloop is not.
  2. Jean Lafitte

    Server crash = frankenstein schooner & sloop

    I"m glad I took pictures. Somehow, the hand of Poseidon intervened and they repaired themselves back to normal.
  3. Jean Lafitte

    Server crash = frankenstein schooner & sloop

    And THIS THING... is my Sloop sitting in the lagoon.
  4. Jean Lafitte

    Client crash on server redeployment

    lol, ok... so another bug. I can't edit my own posts. Rerpoducable: As servers are being redeployed, exit to main menu. Click on 'Join New Atlas'. Client crashes when new versions are listed in the server list.
  5. Jean Lafitte

    Resources not spawning in.

    On my island there is no metal left. It is not respawning after 3 days. On my island there are no more rocks left. This is a result of there being no more meta l left and players mining rocks for metal. They are not respawning after 3 days either On my island the trees are rapidly vanishing. Soon, they too will be gone. These 20 odd trees cannot support the 4 groups on my island. What was once a lush, beautiful archipeligo with a fascinating terrain is quickly becoming a desolate wasteland of barren beaches and grass.
  6. Jean Lafitte

    You can Steal Territory in PVE

    PVE = Player vs ENVIRONMENT. You are describing elements where a player steals from another player which is Player vs PLAYER. But, claim theft is BS. 1 person = 1 claim. That claim should decay at a set rate. Whether it's refreshed by logging in or some form of taxation, I don't care. Taking my claim? Then why would I want to build a house, fort, shipyard, anything if it can be gone in a matter of minutes. That being said, I did try earlier to test this on some claims where the owner has never showed up. The claim stopped at 9:59 and I was unable to take their claim. I was however able to drop multiple claims, much like the one guy who owns 90% of my island.
  7. Jean Lafitte

    List with downed servers?

    NA PVE A8 has crashed 9 times now resetting it's players back to the same spot over and over and over again. If I'd wanted to experience 'Groundhog Day' I would have bought off Bill Murray and not this game (though the price would probably be similar.)
  8. Jean Lafitte

    dont u guys think this is too much

    But, but... we play tested this and it seemed fine to us. - the devs.
  9. Jean Lafitte

    Steal Someone's Progress / Lose Yours - in 10 Minutes

    For those who read this like I did and freaked out, I decided to test this myself. Yes, you can drop multiple claims. Yes, you can own an entire island if you got there first. No, you cannot grab a claim on a PVE server like described in 10 minutes, if at all. I tested on my mostly deserted island on the PVE-NA servers and dropping a flag does say that it's contesting ownership. However, the timer stops at 9:59 and neither flag moves. I tested this on multiple claims. So while I do agree the system is completely hosed, at least someone can't just move in on a PVE server and take everything you own. It DOES however mean that if they got there first that they can place claims on all the major resources and depending on their 'dick' level, they can set up tax houses to make it almost pointless to try to get resources. Which is the case for about 90% of my island.
  10. Jean Lafitte

    A croc destroyed my sloop???

    This entire day I've spent farming to build a sloop. No, that's incorrect. I spent HALF the day farming to build a sloop. I spent the other half of the day watching crocs wipe every living thing off my island, including me DOZENS of times. I watched them crawl on my raft and dare me to come close. I watched them rip my house to shreds trying to get to me. I I watched them slam into my shipyard trying to chase a stoopid parrot. And I'm not talking one or two occasionally. I'm talking every 10 minutes 3-7 crocs were in my claim forcing me to drop everything I was attempting to do to deal with them. I got to the point that I'd stop work, strip myself naked and just run around punching crocs to death so that I could actually play the damned game. If I didn't, it became impossible to farm for resources because by the time I returned there'd be a mob of them standing outside my door. But... to have them destroy my sloop before I even had a chance to learn how to sail it??? This croc somehow managed to jump on my ship, something I couldn't even do... smash my bed, kill me and then rip the side off the hull. A LEVEL 4 CROC MIND YOU! There's a fine line between challenge and BULLSHIT! I don't mind a challenge. That... however... is complete and utter BULLSHIT! There should NOT be 50 crocs on ONE STINKING ISLAND!
  11. Jean Lafitte

    Metal spawn

    I found ONE metal on my island. I resorted to running around whacking rocks for metal... until 8 hours later I realized that even those rocks didn't respawn. Meaning... I'll be out of metal very soon... The entire ISLAND will be out of metal. Seems rather impossible to progress in the game without it.
  12. It's fully repaired, sails are lowered. Rotating sails won't turn the raft. I am the owner. Set my owner rank to all lvl 10. Set raft company rank to all 0. Still won't move. No anchor. Renamed raft to SS Never Sail