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  1. Dollie, "cheat saveworld" and running a saveworld via RCON does not work either. My map hasn't been saved in 6 hours even though I'm getting the "world saved" confirmation. I confirmed this with a few other server owners. Apparently the only way to save the world is to run a doexit command, which of course reboots it. This is plain silly....
  2. Call of Cthulhu Atlas Server **Fresh Atlas Server. (1/4/19)** Tired of joining a server just to see it die off shortly after? Our community has been around nearly two years running a cluster of up to seven Ark maps. We have many off and on players that support the server to ensure it's continued operation. We have just launched a 2x2 Grid (4 server) Atlas map after a dry run we did with a smaller map. We believe in keeping things fun and without the toxicity that plagues officials. The map has been carefully designed to bring you the smoothest experience possible and to make sure all tames and resources are available all the way past the end boss. - Server to Discord and Cross Server chat available. Live vicariously through and talk with other players in game while you are stuck at work! - Contains all 9 powerstones - Grid set aside for The Maw - Will be carefully modded as soon as the Dev kit releases and content is developed. Base Server Rates/Settings: PvE (except the Maw grid, for friendly sea battles) Difficulty Override: Default Player Max Level: 99 (may go up) Experience: x4 Gathering: x3 (on top of the doubled default rates for a total of 6x launch rates) Resource Respawn: x0.5 (It takes 1/2 as long for nodes to respawn) Taming, Plant Grow, Mating, and Mature: x5 Spoiling (Crops, Corpses, Items): x3 All Player Stat Points: x3 NPC and Creature Stat Points: x3+ (weight is 7x). Connection Details: Atlas IP: steam://connect/ alternatively search 'Cthulhu' in the game browser. Way more information on the community Discord at: https://discord.gg/cwVKhDh
  3. Well said! People in my community are tired of waiting and are playing the official servers just to pass the time. They have no interest in settling permanently and will basically be leaving abandoned bases wherever they go. You don't want this, they don't want this, and I don't want this. Please help us keep our business to ourselves.
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