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    bug Tames falling through floors and boats

    I think they have different people working on bugs and content, and this one in particular is hard to fix i don't even think they can fix this, like ever, maybe for ships, but not for land structures, but then again, i still doubt it, i think this will never get fixed, like ever, i'd like the devs to change my mind or prove me wrong i really do, but yeah very unlikely
  2. Clam


    sometimes game just crash to desktop for no reason since the last 2 updates, and when tried to log in, it says there is already a player connected as usual, just putting this here
  3. Clam

    bug Tames falling through floors and boats

    yep, still not fixed
  4. Clam

    bug Tames falling through floors and boats

    doesn't work for tames falling through floors/stuck inside ceilings, because they are actually stuck unlike on boats, you could also punch the tames on boats to make them unstuck sometimes, but when they're inside floors/ceilings on land, you have to demolish
  5. Clam

    bug Tames falling through floors and boats

    this can't be fixed can it?
  6. it says "equip saddles to ride" but when i press E or F, nothing happens and i can't even access its inventory its a horse, lvl 27 wild i can however, access my other horse's inventory
  7. Clam

    Animals stuck in stone ceilings...

    i don't think they know how to fix this tbh, even in ark its not 100% fixed
  8. just hit with the bear on where the bees died, the corpses disappear but they're actually there if you hit them where they fall onto you'll get the harvest Edit: its very hard, if possible at all, to harvest with tools, but easy with the bear
  9. Clam

    bug Tames falling through floors and boats

    i don't think they know how to fix this, this thread has a lot of votes and has been here for ages and its not fixed, i'd like the devs to prove me wrong, but i seriously doubt it, they just can't
  10. Clam

    Disappearing Crew Members

    happened to me countless time than i care to remember, now i just kill more SotDs and hire more crew when it does this, its retarded and i don't think they know how to fix this, best to live with it until you can't
  11. Clam

    Stone costs more?

    at least if they increased the cost you'd think they'd be sturdier, but nooooo they are now even weaker, do these guys even know how to "balance"
  12. Clam

    bug Tames falling through floors and boats

    not to mention tames disappearing without anything in the logs, apparently they also get randomly teleported to the border in the middle of the ocean sometimes, had 3 tames disappeared, they were just sitting in the pen and then one day, after an update, just poofed, then randomly found one of them in the middle of the ocean by the border
  13. Strong Arm actually works, but its hella buggy, sometimes your passives are just not registering, like i had to relog to actually get the passives' buff, but it does work sometimes, when it doesn't i just have to relog until it does, it is super annoying
  14. Clam


    i can confirm the griefing, i witnessed it, when i got there though they already sunk all the boats and were kiting the SotD to attack booty hunters' base, they were already done with your base, all i could do was salvage the boats so at least they didn't get too much off them boats
  15. and -60 degree Celcius in temperate area? wearing a whole set of fur with fire inside a stone house and still die within minutes? i mean i get it, its survival, and its gonna be tougher living in the wilds than living in civilization, but its too extreme, in tropical area the sun burns you but as long as you have shade, its fine, and temperate is not tundra even -40 is already not making any sense i have a feeling that this game takes place in mars or something
  16. Clam

    NA PVE C4 Bug

    Nope, the tame spawning inside bases, i think they don't really but when somebody is rendering your base they phase through walls, its still happening on Ark, won't be fixed here anytime soon, i don't even think there is a fix, or maybe they just don't know how to fix it
  17. the last update made our rhino and elephant and even a brigantine teleported into the border, found the brig and elephant but haven't found the rhino, i mean how is this bug possible?
  18. Clam

    unplayable game

    exactly, we're willing victims, and should know about it too, it says so on the disclaimer, maybe the term EA is different now and then, but it is stated that the game is in development and expect bugs i'm not saying its good, but people should read more so they understand with that being said, a lot of people can't even run this game even with good enough PC requirement and that is a very serious problem, the current "EA" term can't excuse that
  19. Clam

    unplayable game

    I agree with you but i don't agree with OP its EA so if people buy it, they should expect a ton of bugs and lags and stuff but if you can't actually run it, its a serious problem not even EA can excuse this, although i could run it just fine, some lags, some crashes but nothing too serious, but i know its screwed for a lot of other people
  20. Clam

    Equillibrium buff vanishing

    exactly, i often just hurt myself standing on a campfire just to get hungry for EQ, and when it disappears just by crossing grids its just annoying to have to do it all over again, especially when sailing far from home and crossing multiple grids, can't get EQ while on the journey (or sometimes get it for just a couple minutes before crossing grids again) i hope this is not intentional because if it is, it sucks
  21. title says it all, 3 other people are having the same crash, screen froze, nothing to do except close the game from task manager and restart
  22. if you think breeding is already in the game, think twice
  23. yeah like on ark, they were probably trying to do it differently on this game but boy oh boy they failed miserably on this one
  24. i mean babysitting a baby for literally days without any sleep? ain't nobody got time for that also why aren't you addressing the weight exploit that can be used for griefing?