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  1. your site is broken and incorrectly configured
  2. more content rams little atention to basic playability fixes and a sale to boost the failing player numbers fix the basics they will come back but of course once they have your money they dont care thats proven already just going the same way ark did into failure and a last dlc called extinction the final insult to the players
  3. fast travel u be wanting teleporters next lol sailing is half the game get some bps make faster sails
  4. lol more content getting rammed but basics buggies mostly ignore..Blackwood, created by Iso, the level designer behind ARK’s popular mod-map Crystal Isles ah thats the map that still dont work right till this day
  5. theres 3 types not 6 server count is irrelevant
  6. that's rubbish the empire will be empty only the hack dupe tribes which still has never been addressed will play there cos they can hide theyre duping in a big tribe.any way the games gonna be forgotton about by the time they release the update,its a bit shambolic that they've never learned to release an update on time in 4 years of trying
  7. The UI will indicate whether an island is experiencing Wartime soon or is currently in Wartime. no no no email notification no no no submarines nonono forget the content and still weeks on fix the basic connectivity buy some decent server hardware from day 1 till present d6 on eu pvp has a 200 ping from anywhere in the world evcen when theres only 10 ppl on how many times does it have to be stated to you,,,fix the basics spam content later another ark here going down the tubes like it did,gotta remember folks were dealing with devs here that gave us that insult to gaming called extinction
  8. actually no you didnt theres 3 videos posted lol detailing every plank on your ships and the gunports and your a liar proven beyond any doubt
  9. ivan and the duper chem b even got caught lying on video about what they had theres a vid showing every plank of every ship in there dock with exactly the same qualities which is impossible when crafted from bps
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