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  1. Symptom

    Xbox controller controls buttons

    with a one hand weapon such as a sword maintain the X button pressed while you press LT to block left or RT to block right, you can also block with hand to hand the same way with also a crossed block pressing RT+LT.
  2. Symptom

    Login Issues

    Can't login since last update as you
  3. Symptom

    War drum bugged with gamepad

    The war drum doesn't work, consume the song, and show code on screen.
  4. Symptom

    Instant death while climbing

    Instant death while climbing, full of stuff , cannons, stone walls... No corpse, all gone!
  5. i'm stuck in floor after a server crash. Devs if u want my attention for your Live Stream , you didn't need to let me stuck here, i'm watching you right now please unstuck ;(
  6. Symptom

    Upgrade speed multiplier= +0%

    Upgrade speed multiplier= +0% on a journey man BP hIde hat.
  7. Game crash while transfering from tannery inventory a Journey man Hide Hat after after upgrade.
  8. Npc don't listen t wistle/can't enter radial menu
  9. Symptom

    gamepad issues

    still didn't fix, got to struggle with the auto scroll everytime i enter in any inventory, and got to take mouse for fighting and everything you do with primary fire because it doesn't work; and it still spam the primary fire when enter in inventory.. Spam of useless command X number of gamepad users = wasting of server performance + a lot of people prefer playing apex + Me feels like the devs desn't matter about this issue. It was working well befre the 16.39 , the primary fire is now coded as mousescrolldown, why? Just delete the gamepad option if you don't want people to play with!
  10. Was falling after a climbing and was tryng to change my broken climb pick in my inventory, when i hit the ground the game crashed, tried t rein but game crshed twice, when i finally rejoin, it was like i dead in the middle of the sea, i came back were it happened and found no corpse...
  11. Symptom

    Creature Designer

    Shoulder mounted tames should have their stats displayed on HUD. -Seagull warns you about rain and storms. -Parrot warns you about heat or cold. -Monkey give you harvest bonus on berries and coconuts.
  12. Symptom

    health/oxygen/etc of shoulder tame's

    They must add the stats for shoulder mounted tames. i hope they will before you kill another poor little bird, lol.
  13. Symptom

    How people are tracking you in Atlas

    lol Ivah, are you talking about haters and trollers, like on Atlas Discrd? I'm pretty agree and looking for other way to counter this issue.
  14. Symptom

    How people are tracking you in Atlas

    I feel noob reading this post but i finally understand about "123". Thx for this post! Just an idea, if we can't get rid of this, why don't they add tracking and hiding skills tree, allowing you for big amount of point to track other players or stay hidden from other player's tracking? Just an idea, it could make it fun and give us an other way to counter this issue!
  15. Symptom

    Npc only eat berries in food ladder

    hopefully i was wrong, they ate frm another ladder someting like that.