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  1. Nope. This version of SOTD is far better. You can sail from server to server without bumping into a sotd every few mins. You just bump into 1-2 fleets and you can easily sail around them. Oh and yea. 1 brig. 1 person. large cannons at the back. You can solo whole fleet.. So please don't try to convince us that it's hard
  2. Gives us something less insane than the biggest gate plx.
  3. Yelp... I've had my fun with this game at lunch and before anarchy thingies... Had a small claim.. all was good. Now it's shite, my small company couldn't get a small 15 island thanks to bigger companies rushing B to quickly grab them instead of medium-large ones. So what, now I have to live and pay my fantastic overlord. And if he has a bad humor he can just boot me out of my stuff. Niiiceeee... And before "WE ARE GOOD COMPANIES. THERE ARE GOOD PPL" yeah. But still most of ppl are d*cks
  4. So here's my babies 1st. My Outpost that guard the way into the Bay. Cannon towers now kinda usless with Sotd not attacking Anchored ships 2nd. My 1st Schooner.. KIA :< 3rd My red ship that strikes fear into SotD Bonus. Ship graveyard at FotY
  5. Honestly I have mixed feelings about this. 1st. There IS land if you search enough. Exploring is one of the main parts of the game. 2nd. There are many ppl kind enough to give you land. Just talk to them. I know.. i Know.. There are many d***s around but still there are good people in this game. But yeah.. talking is such a hard thingie 3rd. Okey.. New players this.. New players that.. But It's an MMO so you also need to think about keeping the old players around. (just like FoY stat bonus). I understand the need to help new people.. But for flying dolphins sake, not by taking from other ppl. It won't help if you give something to someone by pissing off the rest. I'm sorry sir. But if you play on lawless.. than you don't know how much effort it took to HOLD your claims during all those changes. On the other side... The land grab.. Simply some ppl went sooooo overboard and took soooooooooo much! Whole Island for 1 company? Maybe on PVP! 50 flags? FFS I remember one of threads here. "I HAVE FEW FLAGS! 4 days DECAY KILL THIS GAME FOR ME!" After few posts the guy told that his "few" ment over 50 flags. Holy shite... this is the core of the problem. I also walked around my Island yesterday (The biggest Island type we have). Soooo many space claimed... just to be claimed.. Nothing built, but some ppl would make a good living if those land were unclaimed or something. AND we arrive at another part. Everybody and their grandma wants Coast flags for ship building. I do not blame them, ships are a core of this game. But it even more limits the land avaible to ppl. If we won't fix the claim system 1st. After wipe there's gonna be another land grab and it won't help anything lad. Now to clarify stuff. I play since day 1. Only manage to sail away on day 2 thanks to Lagmaggedon. Made it to B7 EU PVE. Claimed 1 flag on small island (I could take.. dunno half of it?) and then moved to Birmingcona Haven. At first another company stole my claim. I quickly found another, even better on same island. I changed a first inhabitale cliffside into a dock and a wonderful base. I also would like to thank our small community. Mainly German players and some French. Also we got a lil'bit of asian spice here. But our ppl are kind and wound surely give away some land to other ppl. Heck I saw this happen many, many times! As for me.. I have 2 land and 1 sea flags that makes me content. One day I'll start exploring hard for discovery points and I know that I'll find some land far away. Erm.. yeah. But long story short, we 1st need to fix the claim system before thinking about a wipe Good day
  6. Place a tower ot two. Pack it up with cannons and NPCs and it's a safe base. Just set NPCs to attack ship
  7. Erm... GOD DAMN IT PEOPLE! 50 fing flags is not "a couple" It's a fuck-ton! And you still complain about 4 days timer?
  8. ....giving all players some land and claims.. Ain't this more of a communist thing? I know the land grab.. was SUPER bad.. And 1 Island for 1 company is really.. really bad
  9. Honestly. If tax 30% is too much for you.. I just don't know... I play solo (half duo?) got a cozy base with docks. 2 sloops. 2 schooners and a brig. I don't have a slightest issue with paying 30% tax when I go to other ppls claims... I went to other serv and got myself some gems. Now my claims are also 30% tax. I pay.. and i get paid. I don't want to be rude or something.. But there's always unofficial servers looking for ppl.
  10. Yep.. b7.. Same here. Stuff was Locked.. but it seems it wasn't locked enough...
  11. Agree. I'm a bit.. meh.. with the Organic Paste for stone thingies since it ain't easy to find... But the discovery part.. Is really bad :(. Make ppl sail and explore if they want lv 100!
  12. OI! i (Polish :P) live on Island full of Germans... They are good people with such a rough and funny language! I don't want them gone! :< But I'll get nervous a bit when some small Austrian guy shows up and start to unite their companies...
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