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  1. The hatch is actually so buggy.. and whatever like Microphobe said, it's too small. I actually want the door frame of roof celling, but on classic celling, because on a boat, diagonal thinks sucks.. Glitch, and take you away on the sea x)
  2. Hi dear Dev's, Can you add some door on celling, like a the roof one, but horizontaly. - It's a boat, build on diagonal or vertical is not really cool, and if we want to create a boat hold it's not possible. - Can we have the speed of the boat too ? Sincerely
  3. Totally Agree, people should be able to claim every tree with no limit. Even if it take 1000 hours of Exping.. But no limitation. Every tree is necessary to develop our character.. to survive, and to build.
  4. +1 - Ghost ships in Freeport and Flawless island is like - Alpha beast... Pointless.
  5. http://prntscr.com/m06trv Maybe 10% of the map is claimed, and i'm gentle ! See the difference between, "All good island are claimed" and "I don't want to claim shitty island, si I tell every island are claimed" But no.. Everything is not claimed + It's a PVP server's, you can fight, sneak, to reclaim what is already claimed. Even if i don't fully support the actual Claim system.. solution are possible
  6. Clearly DESOLO, you lie. Let me explain something. If you are using a VPN, correctly, it make no difference of a friend connecting to your account. So, at some point, you lie somewhere.
  7. Yeah, but it's not reality, there. It's a game.
  8. Hello Serious Dev's of ATLAS, - First point : Time out issue : You really need to fix that, the problem can come from the connection system, from battleye verification, i don't know.. buy it's not normal to see the population of a server decrease on time because no one can reconect to it. - Second point : Your Claim system is not satisfaying for solo players, or, little groups of players, he is really cool for big company but the balance is not existant between those groups. If we judge both sides you have : Big company = Fully playable, ressources unlimited, can do whatever they want. - Little groups / Solo players : Can't claim anythings, no ressources available, can't do nothing.. = unplayable. - Third point : Your algorythm who generate island is not enough worked, i'm sorry to tell you that but the patch is too much visible on each square, each island.. The ressources are too much unbalance dispatched. They are too much spawn point on water, on dangerous groups of animals, they are too much mountain on little island, and groups of animals are too big and agreessive considering the size of un island. I don't forget, it's an Early Access, i just resume what is not good, or good enough to succefully enjoy the game. Because, the idea of Pirates, the gameplay and the mechanic are really good. I know it's the end of the year, so holidays, partys, for everyone.. So, i just hope you gonna listen some players, and i hope you are going in the good direction. Have a great hoilidays, everyone. Sorry for my shitty English.
  9. It's a 4 squares land, that you show ir ? Maybe, try an other square, some are not claim.. They are not the better. But i agree on 1 things - 1 company should be able to Claim only 1 island, and the dimension of the CLAIM zone should be limited to the number and level of the player in the comagny.
  10. BATTLE-EYES Sensitivity ;) it's a known issue report on every new game that is using Battleye anticheat. If some @dev #Devs can look at it ;)
  11. Well actually DESOLO, some reboot just came up on night. Servers are probably rebooted. Whatever.. i dont think, some server's are "up" for people and "down" for other. I guess, is more a bug, than a desire from Dev's team.
  12. When a Server had 1 person on it, he is probably not down, but the connexion mechanic are. A the same place, you have this : If they are not responding, they are down, no ?
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