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  1. Days now. Atlas just broke Steam.
  2. Great Ideas. Also 7. Animal hitching posts. Load an animal on to the ship and hitch it to a post where it stays till unhitched. 8. Ability to paint the dingy on the hanger, water barrels, work bench, larder, and the shipyards. 9. Turn the SOTD into sail boats and not yachts. 10. A fine tuned tattoo gun. I had a few more ideas but I forgot them. Short term memory loss and all. If i remember I will come back.
  3. I found a cool harbor that is not player built but its all player blocked off. This is garbage. A5 large island. https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1741340500 https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1741340518
  4. I was out killing whales today and that is a buggy deal. First I couldn't aggro it but it looked like a porcupine, All shot full of harpoons. Still no aggro or damage. I had shot it with at least 80 of them. I got upset and started shooting a bow at it and got the aggro. Once it was following I killed it np. second one. shot it with a bow, got aggro right away. but it chased me for a bit and went back to roam, then stopped. That's when things got fun. I circled around and started shooting it, getting damage on it. It disappeared and seemed to be gone. then it hit me and knocked me off the wheel. I swam back to the ship and looked around still nothing around. When I grabbed my ladder it hit me again but It was not visible (there right in front of me but invisible) and threw my ship about a mile away. then it reappeared right in front of me and my ship sank a mile away. Buggy stuff. Not upset about the ship just with aggroing worked and hunting invisible whales is impossible. Grape job guys.
  5. Same, Crash on Log in. Steam forums are full of people experiencing the same thing.
  6. Broken. Won't open game. Anyone else feel like we are going backwards? I do love watching the streamers freak out.
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