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  1. Myrkr

    Tutorial: Tattoo's, Flags, and You!

    You can find one here: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=518296250
  2. Myrkr

    Fountain of Youth Location(s) & Issues

    They should have made the a new island with the fountain appear a random places on the map, maybe with a secret cave somewhere hidden. Maybe with a climbing challenge or something to reach it.
  3. Myrkr

    resource locations

    Always good to have a saved backup somwhere. You can go back and see all saved changes and copy the one before everything was deleted. 12 January, 02:28 is the last one before it got deleted.
  4. Myrkr

    resource locations

    Added G11 Suflan Island
  5. Myrkr

    custom flag CUSTOM FLAGS (Images)

    This might help.
  6. Myrkr

    Something I desire...

    They should just give us all the hairstyles from Ark.
  7. Myrkr

    Fuck this piece of shit Game

    Most mmorpg's had server issues when they came out. Even with a few stress test beta tests.
  8. Myrkr


    Might be the same place as Ark warpaints.
  9. Myrkr

    Game broken beyond belief

    Most mmorpg's had huge server problems the first week. These were completed games with stress test beta.