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  1. DeadMeat

    Devs please reconsider breeding timers

    Yea, I'm sure you're confused... because you seem to think this is 'Ark' from the 'update'... " ATLAS is, especially to solo players and smaller groups, and ensure that those who cannot invest as much time are still able to experience the fun that ATLAS has to offer. " Dang maybe, just maybe it's not all just about 'groups' as you think it is... "I suggest to people to not play solo, as the game isn't meant to be played solo,"
  2. DeadMeat

    Devs please reconsider breeding timers

    What you are doing is making assumptions and trying to present them as fact on an EA project that it at it's beginning of it's EA cycle and nowhere near it's end, in a thread created by another asking for a change.
  3. DeadMeat

    Devs please reconsider breeding timers

    all you're doing is making assumptions and trying to present them as fact of intended design. My point still stands, perhaps you need the reminder the intent of this to be in EA an approximate 2 years if I recall correctly...
  4. DeadMeat

    Devs please reconsider breeding timers

    No, what you said was "Breeding is not meant to be done alone"... plain and simple. Barring a direct quote from a dev, you're talking out of your arse. Taking into consideration this is EA, we don't know how difficult or annoying it is 'meant' to be. You have a counter argument to OP, great....voice it, but put some though and effort into beyond the pedantic BS.
  5. DeadMeat

    Devs please reconsider breeding timers

    ..I think you should tell that to the baby bear I'm currently sitting. I can feed it a variety, what it 'chooses is another... but I've watched as it chose meat, and when meat was not available... berries
  6. DeadMeat

    Fertilizer usage

    I can put 2 load of fertilizer in a plot (small)... made from medium droppings, and in less than 24 hours 'not fertilized'. Been unable to grow corn or wheat for the last several days because of this.
  7. was fine last night.... try to login today and its nothing but the primaldata screen myself...
  8. DeadMeat


    not just you... I've lost a fair amount of tames because a darn alpha horse spooked and killed them.
  9. DeadMeat

    Fertilizer issues

    only have 1 in menu, and i can craft other things... but, cant craft fertilizer
  10. DeadMeat

    What happens when I hit 100?

    Grey hair, Strength, Stamina & Weight debuff (-10) Stamina & Health regen debuff of 20% ..and melee damage -10%
  11. As an example of how farked things are, I just got the message that my pet cow Bessie was killed.... ...by an alpha Horse. ...and now 2 pigs
  12. They've talked about it.... But 1> You don't have to hunt down a potential 'mate' 2> They're not stacking the player with a bunch of debuffs (Str/Stam/Weight & 20% Health/Stam regen debuff).
  13. DeadMeat

    Old-age Debuffs

    The stat buffs bed enough, but farking 20% Health and Stam regen? Sure, yea it's 'EA'... so save that bullshyte for the end of dev cycle instead of the bloody start. Based on what 's been seen/experienced so far, there's a perv in HQ that gets off watching avatars die, futile deaths.
  14. DeadMeat

    unable to tame

    Yea, it's been problematic... particularly Bulls, but anything aggressive/combative in general.
  15. DeadMeat

    Fountain of Youth Location(s) & Issues

    Yes...laggy and of course the ugly arse mob horde