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  1. Scantcoin

    Captain's Log 13: Updates Ho!

    Thanks for the update on the updates!
  2. Scantcoin

    Game freezes after clicking connect

    not 100% sure whats causing the issue. running 60fps on a GTX 1080, i7 7700k, 32gb RAM, and the utilization is as follows GPU = 80% CPU = 61 RAM = 7.2gb have you tried updating the graphics driver? it also my be worth trying uninstalling the graphics driver and reinstalling it.
  3. Scantcoin

    Stuck Pit of Hell Bug

    Great hopefully this will help the devs prevent this tragedy happening from anyone else!
  4. Scantcoin

    Game freezes after clicking connect

    @William Kidd ill test this out on my rig once they deploy the next patch and let you know where my GPU utilization is. have you tried updating the GPU drivers or uninstalling the current one and reinstalling the latest version again?
  5. Scantcoin

    NA PVP map M6 Spawn in water many players

    see tweet. thanks -scant
  6. Scantcoin

    Stuck Pit of Hell Bug

    Did you happen to get a screenshot of the location where this happened on the map?
  7. heres the update from Jat
  8. Scantcoin

    Crashed / Teleported

    Update for ocean spawning shortly! Stand By!
  9. Scantcoin

    Sharing my Fix I just found for those who can't connect

    Please try again in about 30 minutes and let us know if this is not fixed with the update. Thanks - Scant
  10. Scantcoin

    Timeout/ ADMIN pls delete my charakter

    Please be patient with the developers! taking the time to delete each one of your characters just so you can have the same issues solves nothing. please wait for further updates and remember that these PEOPLE, yes PEOPLE like you and me are working very hard to fix the underlying cause here. Take a break and spend some time with family for the holiday!
  11. Scantcoin

    Server not joinable

    Please be patient with the developers they are working to get this resolved and working on deploying a new network API right now.
  12. Scantcoin

    Game freezes after clicking connect

    The minimum GPU requirement is a GTX 770. The GTX 770 is about 140% more capable than the GTX 960m according to user benchmarks, even though you do have the newer card it doesn't appear to meet the minimum requirements. if you had the GTX 960 desktop card and not the mobile card you would be much closer to those requirements. With that being said, this may not be the only reason you are getting these issues. it does seem odd that he GPU is almost idling while the rest of the computer is taxed. You may get better results if the game is stored on a SSD if it is not already.
  13. Scantcoin

    Crashed / Teleported

    Secret, Yes like Neco said this is an issue on a lot of server after the most recent patch. I experenced this same problem in the NA PVP J8. It looks like the issue is that the spawn location is set to the center of the grid. I tested this by moving to the NA PvE server and picking a random grid location and the exact same thing happed. hopefully the development team will be addressing this as quickly as they can. Please stand by - Scant
  14. Scantcoin

    Falling through land upon respawn

    Just wanted to make developers aware of the spawning issue where players are falling through the map. You guys have been working hard all weekend to get these things fixed and we all appreciate it! Keep it up! if anyone knows a workaround please let us know! Thanks! images are of the spawn in location in first person and on the map.
  15. Scantcoin

    A little help please

    On the steam store page the minimum GPU requirements are as followed: NVIDIA GTX 770 2GB/AMD Radeon HD 7870 2GB or better the GTX 950m is considerably less powerful than the 770 despite being the newer card. the 770 was one step below the flagship 780 card for that generation. the 950m is not only a mobile card but also the budget/entry level card. I would refund the game for now and maybe this is something that can be optimized in the future. Best of luck.