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  1. what do you mean as i have split them there is like 11 sheets and thank you there is still lots to do but it will get there (I.E there is a sheet for ship stuff, there is a sheet for animals there is a sheet for craftables and so on
  2. Putting together a full list of spawn commands in easy to use format (split in to different sheets for different class's) most codes are working some still need fixing https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1AhHbsQcN5XcNgaKPrDqr85d9kQYjC5OV061_83phTSY/edit?usp=sharing Any code's found that don't work will be fixed ASAP (leave a note in the chat on the doc if you find broken code and will fix it)
  3. this is what we working on now to sort the stat points out ^ but had a lot of other things to do which are kinda up the list of priority hey sorry for late reply been bit busy where are u putting the code. are u using the add xp command on the ship if its already maxed at 41 ? to force it to get the xp as i had issue with this but as soon as i added 2k xp to the ship which forced it to level it just started gaining xp as normal and leveled as normal up to 72
  4. it deffo dose work i can show u a fully pimped out galleon with as much stuff on it as i want to place^ and high number? can you guys not see the . in it ? this is where it should be
  5. ok so i went to atlas\ShooterGame\Saved\A1\Config\WindowsServer (we have 2x2 grid) so had do it in all the Saved config's and added PerPlatformMaxStructuresMultiplier=5.000000 we now have a galleon fully loaded with 80+ cannons sails rooms,storage,smithy looms tannery so this dose work. without hitting structure limit, weight limit is different thing
  6. (stop server) ok so go to your game.ini in config find /script/shootergame.shootergamemode] add OverrideMaxExperiencePointsDino=200655010 use AddShipExperience 2000 0 0 to check if working if u have max level ship this should raise the max level to 72 i had issue and it was a dude who commented on my post who help
  7. also looking in to this. we have managed to increase max ship level but still need to find out how to change the stat multi (increasing the level was our fix to the stat till we sorted it out)
  8. well its shouldn't of done this is how we fixed the treasure maps and did u rename the file to cellimage.jpeg ?or did it in the editor ?
  9. change cell image to jpeg thats what we did and we have now working treasure maps for our 2x2
  10. im just glad i can level my ship again was at max weight and i need more cannons
  11. yea but i doubt it will be anytime soon its been saying by end of this week in the ingame message for like 3-4weeks lol
  12. thank you for your help and i hope this helps other people who are trying to do this
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