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  1. Year i watched the Q&A and now? Its just hot Air and its not even User Based problems its just Problems that a damn obviouse...
  2. First of all, i am from Germany mmkay? so sorry if my Eng. is bad and my Gramma is off.. kay.. Thanks so lets get started.. Hey Dev. Team, i know..u dont respond to anything and i rly. dont care anymore about your Company and/or your Game. But i wasted 150+ Hours into this game. I took all your incompetence and hoped for the better... for the point where u learn or at least think something trough or test it at least befor release it to the public. But nah.. f*** that right? Who was the Guy or Team that thought "year one Youthwell is more than enough for the hole Server Network"? I mean... did u rly. think that was a great Idear overall... to have just one Cluster... for EVERYONE... by a 150 Member Limit on that single Cluster.. ffs..?!?! 2. The hole Vitamin thing... i am a f****** Pirate i don't care about Vitamins... stop annyoing me with this broken and stupid System.... 3. Bad Performance... year its Ark... but still it runs like crap... even worst that Ark 4. No Communication with your Community in your OWN FORUMS Did u ever post ANYTHING to a Bug Report? 5. Can u get this god damn exploit users Banned and fix your Admin Controls... It's the 2. Time that this has happen... not the first time... do u EVER LEARN? Maybe this game is in 1 Year playable or its abandoned and Cancelled i mean.. u rly. try everthing to destroy your own Game by not listing to your User Base... Whatever..
  3. Wow this System is stupid. The Server D12 EU PVP is full and u cant log in back to your Char. once u doped out of the Server bc. the Server is full.. Why is this Company not thinking ...
  4. and again 255+ Ping on E14 and the Dev. Team does not care and no one of the Team is willing enough to say anything in the Forum.. this is rly. bad Communication... I'm really pissed off by the bad Management.
  5. 20 Player and a 100+ Ping.. Come on say something Dev. whats going on here...
  6. Hey Dev. Team Can u PLEASE take a look into E14 Server - its unplayable 255+ Ping all the Time. U said u wanna improve the performance but everytime a new Patch got released the performance got worse and worse... If u need any info hit me up
  7. Hey i just wanna let u know that the Farm is completely bugged. Maize spawnrate is every 10 Sec. - we can't farm as fast as our Maiz is growing. Pvp EU Server 2. I lost 2 Level on my Char. is this wanted?
  8. This bug still excist, just a little push to reminde u
  9. Dear Dev. Team Whenever we try to Zone with a Ship out of E14 there is a 90% chance to crash the Server. We tryed differente Ship typs. Dif. Setups, with and withut clothes, items, Crew Member Nothing makes a dif. Please fix this, this is game breaking! Thanks and if u need any more Info just ask.
  10. Server crashed now 15 times in a Row whenever a Ship trys to Zone in our out Zone: E14
  11. Same here - EU PvP Nick: Drakkhan JL PLEASE i've been waiting now 10 HOURS!!!!! and still no FIX FFS
  12. I did everything i can do its a Server sided issue and it's well know in Ark and they still did not fix this issue. I can see the Server and Cluster but everything else is the same and i get the same Error, even with 5.0 (screenshot is older but the error is the same)
  13. Same for me even after patch 5.0 Its the Charakter Data that are **** up Can we somehow reset our Charakter your Send u Support request for fixing this or is the only way a refund and stay away from this Game? I play on EU PvP and after i died, i got into the Character Creation Screen and a sec. later the Game crashed. After that i was never been able to play on the Server anymore (This is now 11 Hours ago). PvE works fine but i wanna play on PvP with my Crew. And i get the same screen that are Posted by the Thread creater
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