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  1. I know I have to travel 2 hrs real time to get sap,made the game more grinding then anything
  2. Not to mention the npcs that don’t die what’s with that invincible uis that must be a hack
  3. After this patch the torches are useless, was using it to heat up babie bear it used a lot of them now it probably taking more then dubble since i had so many down and it could heat up babie on -8 no problem now it was 6 Celsius and I put down 10 more hooks and torches and babie still died of cold.
  4. DinoRex

    Bear cubs

    Só i had twins and took care of them till 26. % they were eating from trough and it was full of berries and fruits veggies and left for 2 hours when I came back they starved to death with the trough full só fix this bug it’s the 56th the farthest I got so far and it’s really annoying with only few degrees to have to work with and all of them or die from starve or from cold. Breeding has been really bad. Hope this is looked at devs and that you guys get a solution don’t want to be too easy but like this is crazy don’t even know if it’s a bug from the bears not eat at some point or if it the trough not letting them eat take a look at it done it 56 time so there is something wrong for sure
  5. Same happens mine was eating from the trough till 26% last checked and I left for 2 hours and when got back they starved to death really anoing since I’m in tundra area which is really cold got a set up so they don’t die from cold it’s the 56th try and I’m done with it till they fix this shit
  6. There has been too much content coming out for you guys to able to fix all of them slow down on the content and fast forward on the fixes please.
  7. I think the breeding time and the maturation time is way off specially for bear with 4 gestation time and over 40 maturation time and the temperature that kills the babies so fast and with only few degrees apart 7-14 Celsius you have to care for the bear all the time for ours so it doesn’t die since there no AC or way to keep him nice so you can sleep , so far lost 54 babies and counting temps is a bitch in this game...
  8. I really can’t see a pirate game being PVE
  9. I found a way to fix it by anchoring and disanchoring the ship till he gets unstuck
  10. I put bear on follow and when he got up he got stuck on schooner..
  11. Well I did get punched by one of them and instantly died from a punch
  12. Got killed by them so many times that it just appeared you were killed it wouldn’t show killed and not the only one everyone in my company complaining of aimbot with the lag we were facing they were one. Shooting every one from the beach on a moving boat that real bulshit.
  13. after i chose were i am going it goes to loading screen and never goes out of it, i have to Ctrl+Alt+Del to get out of it.
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