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  1. Thank you, I will try that but will have to wait until one of my friends logs on to test it.
  2. I cannot get this to work for the life of me. I run a 3x3 for two friends and myself, which has all the PVE islands. We managed to get the purple stone, were all aged over 90+, but the Fountain of Youth did not spawn. On using the admin summon command it does the thing of appearing for a second and then disappearing and we cant use it. I've tried summoning it on the plinth were the stone is, and to make sure, all around the cave, out of the cave, at our base in that server, with the same brief appearance. I admit we used God mode, but we even tried one of us dropping out of God and or relogging, to no avail. On top of that we now cannot get any of the other powerstones; we defeat the islands boss, get the Artifact Key, but there is no prompt to use the plinth. Also, on the map the purple stone (they become coloured as you collect them it seems) is shown as being on a totally different island to the one where we unlocked and got it! I've even tried using the summon code there, but with the same effect. Something tells me that my Clusters main quest is somehow bugged! For now I have given up, and am using the following alternative method to get young again:- I transferred Company ownership to one of the others, deleted my character, created a new one (I keep a template of my toon so that she is identical), logged on, invited back into the company and awarded myself the same amount of xp as my original character had. I'm taking the others through the same process tonight. It's rather drastic, especially as I was level 74 and I have a level 40 Discovery cap in place. However, my map is all fogged again so get to have the fun of rediscovering all the islands again to raise the cap back up
  3. I marvel at some of you are running a 1x2's, and how on earth you must struggle to fit all the quest islands in, the ghost ship and the Kraken! I realise that some of you are probably running servers on low spec machines or even on the machine you also play the game on. I run a 3x3 and found it tight getting all the quest stuff in and a good spread of other islands for variety. My Grid is:- Polar - Tundra - Temp Temp - Temp(h) - Trop Desert - Trop - Equator (h)=Home Even though my 3x3 runs fine (now) I've still pondered on what the ideal grid size it, because on mine if we sail south from Desert we end up in Polar. There are six biomes so it would seem obvious that a 2x3, 3x2 or a 1x6 is 'ideal', but is it? You don't need all 6 biomes for the main quest, as some biome types do not have matching PVE islands anyway. In spite of this to me the ideal small grid is a 2x3 laid as:- Polar - Tundra Temp - Desert Tropical - Equator However that means you can sail south from Tropical and end up in Polar. So then I thought a 1x10 would be best Polar Tundra Temp Trop Desert Equator Desert Trop Temp Tundra That way sail south from the Southern Tundra to end up in Polar, however sailing east or west just brings you back on to the same server. Also, that's jumping from 6 servers to 10. As a compromise I wondered if a 1 x 8 would be better Polar Tundra Temp Trop Equator Desert Temp Tundra and only 8 servers Anyhow, what do you guys think, what do you think is the ideal server grid size?
  4. The only way I have found of doing it, is by using the kill command on every plank, mast and deck until you have the skeleton left, which de-spawns after a few hours. It's a boring and long task, especially with a Galleon or Brig :(
  5. Nice find. I really hope they haven't been lazy and just tied Rain and Cyclones together. I don't mind the cyclones so much, I just wish they didn't automatically appear, there should be a percentage chance that they appear, they should not be as common. However, what really annoys me is how they appear to follow you and seem to spawn right in front of you, it ruins the immersion for me.
  6. I'm sick to death that every time it rains at sea you get cyclones! Does anyone know the server settings to reduce their frequency? I still want it to rain at sea, but I want the chance of there also being cyclones reduced to about 20% Thanks in advance
  7. One thing I forgot to add:- 1) The Galleon has a huge void at the back that is wasted space. Really that's where the Captains Cabin would be, which would have at least one set of windows running across the back.
  8. I was too. There were never more than 3 players on the entire cluster at any one time, but not sure how much that really factored in.
  9. Has anyone found the ini setting for crew costs yet?
  10. Is this what you are looking for? https://www.playatlas.com/index.php?/forums/topic/33678-release-atlas-server-controller-my-program-to-help-setup-and-run-privately-all-225-grids-of-the-official-servers-for-solo-players-and-small-groups-on-average-hardware/
  11. No difference for me. I have a 9 server cluster for 5 players (just some friends and I) It is running on my old games machine, a I7 4470K, onboard graphics and 8Gb DDR3 2400. With this config I could only get 7 servers to load (I wasn't surprised) and CPU usage seemed ok. I splashed out and bought 32Gb of DDR3 1333 (I couldn't afford anything higher), all 9 servers load and run fine, when settled using about 15Gb with 3 of us on the same server. However, my CPU usage is now showing 100%, but oddly the game runs really smooth. I can even open Firefox with several tabs and the game still runs really nice. Therefore, I am very confused, why such high CPU usage without the game being laggy?
  12. +1 to all of these. Additionally, Handling and Weight Sails face the wrong way when placed at the front of a ship. They need an option to rotate them 180 degrees so that they look like they are facing the right way, with the crows nest facing forwards and the sails billowing forwards. All ships should have a craftable bow sprite, with bought figureheads snapping underneath. An option so that a Handling or Weight Sail placed at the front of the ship connects to the bow sprite. There was the suggestion of half decks for Brigs and Schooners, but I'd also like to see an option to place a small platform above the bow sprite/bow for people to stand on.
  13. I'm really excited about all of this, especially the submarine. I don't mind more advanced tech as long as its in a Steampunk style of theme. +1 to the jib sails. Also can we please turn the Handling and Weight sails 180 degrees, at the moment they look silly when placed on the front of a ship with the crows nest facing the wrong way and the sail going in the wrong direction.
  14. Devs You could help the servers by porting some people who have been stuck on rafts trying to get out of starter tiles to islands on tiles with less lag, please? This would also ease the pain for the people on the starter islands.
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