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    Captain's Log 17: Co-Captain Content Edition!

    Welcome @Dollie!
  2. MechanizedIT

    You can Steal Territory in PVE

    Claims should be limited, but probably more than one per player, maybe up to three because I can see a need to be able to claim more than one area. Other players should absolutely not be able to steal your claim unless your claim decays after at least 7 days. Players should possibly have to pay taxes to maintain their claims, they have this system in Medieval Engineers where you make a claim and then pay resources as taxes for more time on that claim. Players should be able to build and have beds without a claim but be vulnerable to theft and have an extremely small no build radius. You could have a really hard picklock mechanic that players would use to break into someone's house and boxes that aren't on 'claimed' land. Finally, if someone does claim the land you have built on, they shouldn't have the ability to take your stuff, there should be taxes and a certain amount of time you have to pay them. Just please don't kill PVE by allowing this current stealing claims nonsense to continue.
  3. MechanizedIT


    Bruh, I get it, I understand your frustration I've had a similar experience, but I bought the game for the long term knowing this dev team will work out the kinks, and expecting these dilemas early on. When I said "hopefully" it was meant as, 'hope you get things sorted with the game so that you have some time off with your families for the holidays', not 'the game's good, go take a week off starting today'.
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    Congrats to the devs on the launch, it's been a rocky one but I had faith, hopefully the holidays bring you some needed rest. See you all on the high seas!