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  1. I probably wouldn’t even be making a big deal if they allowed everyone to ride the animals to begin with, but you have to have the skills to even ride them. So you put the skill points into it you should get some Benefit from it. Like weight reduction
  2. In one fell swoop you have made this game into a lumberjack simulator and made an entire skill tree useless. The points spent to get to tier 3 taming is not worth it now. Only thing I hope is that you give a free respec to allow people who have chosen taming a chance to put skills to useful stats like increased hand gathering and weight. Other than cooking which is also pretty much useless atm since recipes don’t give hardly any vitamin gain or food value. Now there is no reason to farm either since taming is useless.
  3. I did exactly that the other night. Crossed a server line and ran right into the side of one. Tried to turn and run hoping it wouldn’t cross lines but it did and gunned down my sloop. Couldn’t avoid it because I couldn’t see it across the line.
  4. Totally agree. Also lions bite and rip you though walls and attack at about the same aggressiveness.
  5. I disagree I think people should pay attention to where they are building, just like sailing you have to watch water depth or you’ll run aground.
  6. The worst is when you cross a server line and run into the side of one because you can’t see across the lines, but if you full turn and run they can chase you across server lines. I really think it should be rare to run into these things but it seems like they are everywhere
  7. They could just have the decay(lose HP over time, requireing repairs) for pillars only. But have other structures auto-demolish after like 10-14 days. if someone uses another structure to try to claim land then it can also block spawns. Which with the tax system would be like shooting themselves in the foot.
  8. Been living on a lawless island. It’s been great, things decay more rapidly but I can repair them. The best part is no one can claim my land and steal my house. I think all lands should go back to this If someone doesn’t want someone to build some place then pillar it off like the old days of ark but let the pillars decay over time. If maintenance is not done to upkeep(literally walk up and repair it) each pillar then they auto-demolish. Let land claim still apply but only to taxes. Let it have nothing to do with building or claiming physical property. Nothing is worse than someone placing a claim flag on something you worked you butt off for, only to take it all away in 30 minutes. To all those that say pillars will be everywhere. That might not entirely be true. If the tax thing is done right then you would want people to move into your territory. And if you pillar off a whole island the upkeep of repairing so many pillars would be horrible enough to discourage it.
  9. Nope i was asleep(alive) in my stone home on PVE. even if your dead it shouldn't matter. someone else shouldn't ever be able to claim days of your work on a PVE server in just 30 minutes.
  10. yes they can claim it. just happened to me. lost half built brigantine, stone home, days of work gone in under 30 minutes because i chose to sleep between 2:30am and 5:30am.
  11. Literally days of work gone down the drain. a mostly built brigantine, my Large shipyard, my stone house. EVERYTHING!!!!!!!!! GONE!!!!!!!!!!!! IN PVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! because of your broke claim system. as a PVE player you cant even log out to sleep now without someone coming along and placing a flag at your stuff and waiting a bit to own everything you have. This needs to be fixed, PVE is where people are supposed to go and enjoy the game without harassment or theft from other players. No one will ever be able to make progress in this game as long as someone can come along in 30 minutes while you away or asleep and steal everything you worked hard for.
  12. Make a Ceiling and a door Press T to toggle between what you want to place down.
  13. Maybe you should try pve, just keep everything in pinlocked chests, still got sticky fingers there.
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