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  1. MrPakkinn

    How do I tame animals?

    It says I have to feed a sheep to tame it. But I'm not sure how I do that. Thanks.
  2. I don't seem to get my AI crewmember to do anything in land. But it seems like he should be able to harvest. How do I use my AI crewmembers? Thanks.
  3. MrPakkinn

    Where can I find diamonds?

    Title says it all. Thanks.
  4. MrPakkinn

    How to gather water into a container?

    Okay. How does the irrigation work? I have a pipeline ready. What am I connecting with the pipes?
  5. MrPakkinn

    How to gather water into a container?

    Okay. Is it possible somehow to use water to cook and in farming? Or do I have to wait until Monday to do those things?
  6. I'm trying to gather water into a container. Thanks.
  7. MrPakkinn

    How to reverse a boat?

    My boat is stuck in a shipyard. How to I reverse it to get out? Thanks.
  8. Me and my friend are wondering how to gather water from a well. Thanks.
  9. MrPakkinn

    Territory flag on lawless regions.

    Okay. Me and my friend built a house on a lawless island which, when inside, says isn't a part of our territory so we couldn't spawn in the bed in our house.
  10. MrPakkinn

    Land Claiming Protection

    Hey guys. Can you help me out finding out how to claim a land on a lawless island. Or is that not possible?
  11. I have a question about the territory flags. When im on a lawless island when I put the territory flag in my hands it says I cannot put it down on a lawless region but when I have it in my hands I see a yellow circle near my base like there is a territory claimed over there. So how does it work? Thanks.
  12. MrPakkinn

    How to make doors?

    Confirmed works. Thanks
  13. MrPakkinn

    How to make doors?

    When i press T while looking at the wall i get options to whistle differently. So that's not working.
  14. MrPakkinn

    How to make doors?

    Me and my friend are level 19 and are trying to make doors for our house. Thanks.
  15. MrPakkinn

    Saps, what do they do?

    My friend is making organic paste and is wondering where he gets saps for it. Thanks.