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  1. You sound like someone who should wait until the game is actually launched....in other words, after development is over. They are still developing features, tweaking, and optimizing...wipes will happen. If you don't like that....wait for launch.
  2. ThunderGod97

    ATLAS: Mega-Update 1.5 Release Info

    Colonies: EU and NA Networks PVE: EU Network Empires: NA Network Do you see NA PVE anywhere in that? It's an additional network (additional to the 4 networks they already have, which will not include NA PVE) that will be based in NA. Not 2 networks for NA PVE. They are skipping NA PVE because they forgot about the need for an additional server network.
  3. ThunderGod97

    ATLAS: Mega-Update 1.5 Release Info

    You've had weeks to realize that you would need both NA and EU for both PVE and PVP...plus Empires. Why the delay on NA PVE? Because it was literally the last thing you thought about because you don't give a crap about PVE. Let me guess, as you were putting together this post you realized you wouldn't have enough servers for all the modes you are implementing. Spectacular forethought there...
  4. I joined the server back after the 3x3 map launched and quickly grew to love the server and how it's run. As someone who occasionally runs servers for a small streamer, this is how I would want to run my own servers. I got involved and helped develop the new 5x8 map. The map has all islands currently in the official map and has some unique island clusters to make things a bit more interesting. Plenty of room for people to join and a good ruleset to keep things in check, and awesome admins to enforce the rules when needed! The community is top notch, and people are always willing to help out. Join Us!
  5. ThunderGod97

    quality of life map box

    V19 - ETA: LATE FEBRUARY New Features and Content - New Structure: Bookshelf. Store and sort your high-quality maps and blueprints. edit: LOL OK not late February....sometime in March
  6. This is specifically for the official PVE servers. The land conquest is a PVP mechanic. It works great in PVP. The competition between companies is great...for PVP. In PVE it results in everyone taking every bit of land they can get and: -hoarding it for themselves so they can tax anyone using "their" land even if they have no structures on that land. And for bragging rights as the largest land owners. -renting/selling it off to players not fortunate enough to find land to claim -griefing other players to make them quit the game to give up their land. Unlimited land claims do not belong in PVE gameplay. There needs to be some limits on them in PVE gameplay. If you want to leave in Unlimited land claims then there needs to be a significant upkeep cost to owning more than X number of claims per person (I will not define the number here, I will leave that to the devs). If you want to keep the leader boards, make it actually an accomplishment to claim and maintain claims over that much land...not just what you happen to find or steal from others. This has made the new player experience completely shit on PVE servers. To get any land you are forced to: 1. join a company with whatever rules it has. Not everyone wants to join a company. 2. rent land from land owners where you have no control over their ability to lock you out of your ability to build your structure. And that usually comes with living under a taxed area on top of the price you pay to rent. 3. buy land from land owners for whatever price they think is appropriate. 4. Hope to find someone willing to give you land. My efforts have run across two groups promising to do this so far....both ended up not giving me land. 5. steal land from players who might not log in every day. And to do this you have to find land to steal...so you have to endlessly search each and every island hoping to find something to take from someone else. And to do this you have to deal with the bugs involved with land claiming currently...which means sometimes you have absolutely no idea how long you have to wait to declaim it. 6. live in lawless and deal with the bullshit foundation and pillar spam and people demolishing everything you worked for if you happen to not log in every 4 days. This is not a PVE game...this is a neutered PVP game....you just can't kill people directly. Fix this. Give us a proper PVE game with mechanics that don't pit us against each other. Also, a legitimate (not third party) single player option would solve this problem for a lot of PVE players. And yes, I know about unofficial servers. I am helping build a new map for an unofficial server. The existence of Unofficial servers does not excuse the devs from creating a proper PVE game for the people on the official servers.
  7. ThunderGod97

    Abandoned rafts and ships

    Yeah there are definitely some issues with boat ownership like that. I'll give you that.
  8. ThunderGod97

    Abandoned rafts and ships

    LOL They have a system for clearing them...but that's not good enough for you. You ever think that maybe all those "abandoned" boats are people looking for land to claim...and they are working several different boats in hope of finding land to claim. I know I'm in that group. I'm actively playing but have no land of my own because I have not found land to claim yet. I have 5 sloops scattered about the map that probably appear to be abandoned...but they aren't. I just occasionally check them...sometimes sail them around looking at claims to try to find something. If they fix the claim spamming I would imagine the number of "abandoned" boats will dramatically decrease.
  9. ThunderGod97

    Lf Land to build a castle

    Prepare for the flood of cance...I mean landlords. People who actually give up land to those looking for their first plots are very few and far between. Good luck in your search though.
  10. ThunderGod97

    Claims and Taxes in PvE need work.

    I do that. As a solo player you really don't have much hope of finding land to claim. As a big company with many people to look at flags it's very easy to find land to claim. More eyes more opportunity to find it. The fact that as one of the top 10 companies you are STILL looking for more land, is idiotic. The focus on the pve gameplay needs to be changed away from land conquest. The new player experience is absolute shit. It's either join a company that has land, rent from a company that has land, build on land someone let's you build on (where they retain complete control and can lock you out of doing anything with your stuff if you upset them), or fight foundation spam in lawless. The realistic chance of a new player finding land is next to zero. I know, I did the searching. I did the waiting. What did I end up with after the waiting? Bugged timers...negative land claim counts...no idea when the claim will expire. Companies with "1 land claim" yet they own an entire island due to sea claims. Look at my bug report in the bug reports forum if you want to see all the issues I have found. I have no interest in joining some huge corporation, hell I don't want to have anything more than my solo corp. I just want to find some land and have fun building my buildings and ships. This game offers very little chance of that without someone else lording over you and taking shit from you just because they found the land first. Land claims need to be limited. The tax system is fine...the land claim system is not....not by a long shot. The tax system, as implemented, is fine...it's just that people can claim so much land they don't use that the tax system is being misused by pretty much everyone using it. Taxing land you actively use, is fine, because people harvesting takes away from the resources you are actively harvesting. Taxing land you do not use is the problem and should be done away with...but that comes down to revamping the claim system.
  11. ThunderGod97

    Foundation Spam in Lawless.. wow

    It's no surprise that foundation spam is out of control...hell land claims are out of control, of course foundation spam would be just as bad. Honestly, the land claim system is no better than the foundation spam system, in fact, it's worse because you can actually rent out plots of land. All the control is in the landlords...and it's absolute shit the way they have implemented it. For PVP it may be fine, but for PVE it is shit. I have a small plot of land in lawless. I found my chunk and kept an eye out for demoable stuff. I expanded only where I planned to expand to. Now that I have some claims elsewhere I've contracted what I have claimed in lawless. I have plans to eventually disappear completely from lawless, but have to work on moving what resources I have there to my land claim. The moment any space pops up there are a couple of pieces of cancer on the island I'm on that foundation spam the hell out of the area...even though it's no where near where they are building. They claim just to claim and prevent others from claiming. Completely eliminating the land that is supposed to be for those who can't find any claimable land. The new user experience in this game is absolute shit. Grapeshot and Instinct...just shaking my head. You can do better than these two shit systems. I play on both official and unofficial. I'm helping build a new larger map for an unofficial server I play on. I still play on official because of the promise of exploration it holds...it just can't really be matched by any unofficial. I play on official hoping that some day they will get off their asses and actually implement a system that reigns in the bullshit land claim and foundation spam.
  12. ThunderGod97

    The damned ships are too aggressive

    I have only lost one ramshackle sloop to a SotD that caught me off guard. I had just launched the ship so I hadn't had the opportunity to level up the weight on the ship, so I was slower than normal. I've certainly been shot at and chased by them and taken quite a bit of damage, but I always managed to outrun them. Keeping your ship fast is the best way to ensure you can get away. I've spent most of my time in sloops, and as long as you keep them under the weight handle, they can get away. Being able to out run them is best if you can't fight them. If you aren't confident in your ability to destroy them, build for speed. I have refined the design of my sloop to lower weight and maintain the utility I have built in. As I have been searching for land to claim I have 5 sloops currently out in various, so I've had a lot of opportunity to refine the design. Powerstone island zones are the worst for SotD...but I've seen some normal zones spawn quite a few...up to 10 in view at once. I wouldn't mind them lowering the spawn rate in normal zones.
  13. ThunderGod97

    this takes some practice

    Ah ok. Yeah definitely something that can accidentally happen, as with most bugs they just happen. It's only an exploit if you repeat it with the intent to use it to your advantage.
  14. ThunderGod97

    this takes some practice

    That raft under the shore is a common exploit to hide a bed. It's called undermeshing and in PVP is commonly used in order to prevent people from destroying the beds of defenders. Entirely against the rules and if the devs find it, they will remove it. I've seen it used in some places in PVE too though. It was definitely more common before you could place beds on land in lawless. I have no idea how to do that, just know it happens.
  15. @Tsub I could use a flag or two, so long as it has sea access. And don't mind building on a cliff. Have sailed by some of your land looking for flags to capture. Currently have a sloop in I12 I think.