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  1. I don't know about the link. The link goes to imgur.com to show the image because the image was too big for the upload function of the website. I am sorry. But okay, that clears it up. It sucks, because now my tramp freighter is no longer symmetrical.. but I'll have to live with it.
  2. Apparently I cannot use all module points on my ship. I've got 16 module points on this Tramp Freighter, every module requires apparently 1 point. I'm trying to put rowing modules in, doesn't work. I'm trying to put cannons in, doesn't work. I can swap the modules between the two slots, but I can't have both. Can anyone explain to me why? if what I'm doing makes sense and is correct? Check the link to see what I mean. Imgur: The magic of the Internet
  3. To get back on this message. Ever since recent updates, our server owner (unofficial server) couldn't get our server working anymore. Even after asking a couple of other server owners, it isn't fixed. The hardware checks out OK, the software checks out OK. Server has even been reinstalled. A different map has been tried. Everything turned out to be a disaster, resulting in crashes. After 19.21 something clearly broke, but it is unclear what. Any other unofficial servers who have difficulties since this patch? Before this patch, our server ran smooth. An overall CPU usage on 20-30%. It was also ran across two machines. - I'd hate to point fingers, but after everything has been checked out, everything points in the direction of the patches being at fault and breaking something. But considering there's so few reports on this, the devs probably don't even know the issue is out there.
  4. Hey Devs. Your latest updates probably ruin more than you realize. Before update 19.21+ we had a stable, proper running unofficial server. And ever since that patch launched, the server began lagging, giving errors at random encounters (most often when raining) and we suddenly couldn't damage Warriors of the Damned on treasure maps (with firearms anyway). Eventually, all servers crashed despite it all being run on two different machines due to a database issue. The server was doublechecked, and there's nothing wrong in the code. It's just since the recent update.
  5. Since Official began to feel like a full-time job despite being with a large crew, me and a friend simply switched over to play on a private server. Though what I've noticed is that Ship of the Damned, are literally everywhere on the private server. We have noticed that the smaller the amount of grids, the more Ship of the Damned are centered in area's. The server admin is getting tired of them too, and he's been looking into either disabling or just decreasing their spawn rate. But he says this option is not implemented (yet), same goes for hurricanes that literally spawn ontop of you in a storm. My question would be to ask for a way to disable, or decrease ship of the damned spawn rate and hurricanes. This doesn't have to be implemented for official, obviously. But for private servers, it would be great. Because currently, the smaller the amount of grids, the more ship of the damned you will encounter and that shouldn't have to happen. Especially low level people who just get started. And nothing admins can do about it.
  6. I think you should allow the sword and flintlock dual wield. It allows for more diverse combat, and why wouldn't it be possible.
  7. Yet another update on the cheaters. I did not specify the nationality of these cheaters neither did I mention their company name because I did not have concrete proof. Neither do I want to come across as racist despite admittingly having called my sloop the 'Chinkfister' but this is what I mean:
  8. Another update on this situation. Fought the same clan (mega clan) for the 4th time in a row now. More unexplainable shit is happening. This might be because at this point I am actually looking for flaws, but seriously. I tried to grapple their ship over 10 times.. the instant the grapple connected with their ship, it instantly released. And none of them was near the hook either. - Tested it on my own ship afterwards, which worked fine. I just cannot grapple onto their ships. Had the same issue the other day when their ships were unmanned in their bay. This is rididiculous. This same clan has a dozen of ships with a cannon tower at the front with about 18 cannons onto them. And all cannons have NPC's on them that fire at will. Now I wonder how they got all that gold.. mmh. Duping, by chance? As I mentioned in this thread before. I do not have concrede evidence, but there are people who do have evidence all over the forums and reddit. Yet no dev seems to worry their little head about it at all. They're focused on making this game and fixing it, which is as important. But if you're going to have a duping and cheating problem and you want this game to evolve like EVE Online, you're off to a bad start. And then, a wipe of the official servers will eventually just need to happen. Unless you manage to trace all those who cheat and dupe and ban them.. which, I do not see happening considering Grapeshot / Wildcard's reputation.
  9. And maybe create a way to report people. There was this guy from a clan.. he came alone into our northern bay, sunk a schooner within seconds, and within 5 minutes he sunk another one in the southern bay. And those are quite a significant distance away. It's ridiculous. I cannot prove that he's cheating but this just seems odd.
  10. I've got a wolf tamed, have tamed it like 3 days ago or something like that. It was level 30, and got 13 extra levels for the tame. Now he's level 43. Ever since, he has been having 0.0 / 10 xp. Did not get any xp at all ever since. And yet I've been using him for everything. Farming, killing, etc. He should've easily have leveled by now. But this is not the case.
  11. There's been a lot of reports of cheaters in Atlas as of late. Personally I have not experienced or encoutnered a cheater of any kind yet. Sure, assumptions but not concrete proof. But there's been multiple reddit posts and forum posts popping up like these: I feel like Grapeshot Studios should respond to those kind of things and let us players know what they're going to do about it. As you can see in the video added to that, the entire scene on minute 5 seems quite sketchy. - I think in these kind of cases it's important for the devs to communicate with people about such things. Especially because they advertised this game as an EVE Online kind of game, where there is playerrun ecenomy and territory. But what happens when cheaters are bringing inbalance to this entire ecenomy and territory? Then it's ruined, and you will never get it right anymore, despite being early access.
  12. I just spent over 20 hours building a schooner, and after just 6 hours of sleep I woke up to finish it and make it actually sail ready. Only to find it sunk, despite being near an island that is swarmed and owned by our 400man company. This game needs to be balanced. To have a ship that sinks 20 hours into it, only for it to be sunk overnight in probably less than 3 minutes is ridiculous. Either lower the material costs, or increase gather rate (via perks or otherwise). And then just make it a bit more expensive in the skill tree, or whatever. But jesus christ. This is stupid.
  13. I see. Well, I sure hope I can somehow get to mod the chat to make it much better. And maybe also for private servers to have the global chat be literally global across all grids.
  14. My suggestion for them would be to disable the feature until it works intentionally, rather then every singe zone being full of these things.
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