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  1. Good the admins are adding Protection for buildings and anchered ships........ on pve... i thought they allready did that.... month ago.... But hey, if it helps now, i'm happy
  2. no because why ? IT's pve.. not pvp this Clan "Winter is coming" is soooo toxic
  3. Yup that is them. they used the Damned ship to destroy all our boats and houses, laughing and taking all our stuff. Stealing our 15000 gold & offering it to anyone that would help them further to raid our base.
  4. Same just happened right now.. here take a look https://www.playatlas.com/index.php?/forums/forum/33-general-discussion/
  5. They came to our beautiful base and destroyed everything by luring a damned ship.... The base that was for everything.... i feel so sad. https://imgur.com/a/Lb4OxT1 Please do a roll back on here. PVE E6 Siren. HOW IS THIS EVEN POSSIBLE ON PVE????? We lost Galleon, 15000 GOLD , 2 Brigantienes, 2 other smaller ships. we are all pissed off. We lost half of our enormous Base of 16 stories high These guys is Pathfinder. on the pic And the whole clan "WINTER IS COMING" Are using exploits Is Looting and destroying everything on our base. By using the ship of the damned. If you can please ban this guys of the whole clan please do. We log in and they all run away. While the ship of the damned was finally following them back again I demand a ROLLBACK of 24 hours UPDATE: Proof of ship of the damned at our base and they are hiding, with help from other people from other servers next to us. Thank you. If others have more evidence, please provide. Im fed up, This is the 3rd time they do this to us. We are Friendly People. There is even no reason to do these kind of things. @Jatheish @Dollie
  6. i dc-d at c6 in the ocean... this is allready for the past 8 hours
  7. At day 1 i was level 17 and suddenly level 1, i allready told you this issue, and only because a streamer has this problem, you guys "suddenly" do it, and ignore all Forum Bug Reports since day 1. nice going! Today I have this respawn character screen again at level 49. im just fed up. And fix your lag issues.
  8. Even on "ON" it does not harvest. Manually by riding and clicking or Harvesting "ON" does nothing, even turning "ON" Wandering with "ON" Harvest, still it does not harvest anything.
  9. Resource harvesting is set on "off", it just happened ramdomly, it just does hit stone when i click, but no resources go into it's inventory. Strange not? Anyone else idea's?
  10. Why is the rhino not farming anything anymore? I try to farm with it, but it destoys the stone, but nothing in the inventory of the rhino This is when i am riding the rhino. and manually harvesting with mouseclicks
  11. Rhino is not farmin ganymore and then after you jump off it you are stuck in a strange camera mode, looking out from it's chest. And only can move left and right. I do not know if this is only in PVE EU SIREN, or if this is in all the server
  12. DO not place a large gate or crash
  13. Update Found a lot on D7 yesterday They sunk my Brigantine came to my base.
  14. There is no option to start up as admin, all lies! =P
  15. Battleye Keeps INSTALLING every Startup, cannot even join a server, because it keeps shutting down the game and asks me to install it. I install it every time, but each time i start the game up again and join a server the whole thing restarts by shutting down the game and asking to install again. FIX THIS ASAP UPDATE: You can start up the game again and play, here's how to do it! Go to Steamapps/common/Atlas/Shootergane/Binaries/Win64/AtlasGame_BE.exe start as admin And you can play again! (Don't forget to create a shortcut)
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