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  1. Becareful if you grind a tonne of shit out and lose it in a roll back and there is an offer for stuff to be replaced as it will be considered absurd and you will be made to feel like a liar. The players on the other hand are awesome
  2. Just wanted to let everyone know, I have played on this server over 12 hours so far and can highly recommend it. I am getting really good pings and i am located in Australia not to mention those that are active on the server are a good mixed bunch of people. Best of all there is land for claiming and the rates are not over the top which makes it enjoyable and you get that feeling of accomplishment. Of note to there is no admins so no fear of admin abuse and the owner is pretty good and approachable which is what you want. Ask about the welcome pack and if it still consists of a sloop dont do what i did and pretty much instantaneously sink it
  3. Looking for the same thing, older mature gamer who wont cause BS
  4. Okay so this is game breaking but not a bug but i figured Devs are more likely to look at it here then in suggestions as quite frankly you don't have to do anything we suggest. Please fix the broken land claiming system, There are solo players which are able to claim entire islands preventing those of us who were not able to get on due to server issues or the countless other problems preventing us from playing. Due to this these people who were able to claim all the available space continue to grow and get stronger whilst the majority of your player base is stuck on rafts going through a rinse and repeat of sailing/dying/restarting due to broken bed spawns. A second contributing factor to this issue is the lawless area spawn points, whilst i understand that lawless areas were opened up as spawning areas in the beginning to get more people on the server, you have essentially added to the land claiming issue given that you can not claim territory in these areas now which take up a considerable portion of the map. Lastly in relation to the land claiming issue, another big issue i have found is If you are contesting land belonging to another player and having to wait 1 hour and 30 minutes you need to remove the ability of another Company not involved in the contesting to place their own flag in the contested area. I spent 1 hour and 10 minutes contesting land only to have a random person place their flag next to mine putting a stop to me contesting. This just doesnt seem right when werent able to get on not from our own doing. I have a company over 10 people and majority have already started quitting the game. It is not fun when you can not advance due to these systematic issues within the game. Wipe all the land titles after the issue has been addressed, If you give ample notice those who are established can be ready to re claim where they are located and in the interim store their valuables on their big ships they have.
  5. +1 to everything you've said. Put a bed on your raft and you can respawn on it at. Before you die just put the sails down so you dont spawn behind it. You will be able to sail without having to eat etc etc. If you also put a chair on your raft you will survive for ages as it lowers everything dropping whilst your seated.
  6. +1 to all suggestions here. I was taking land from someone and have been there for 1hr and 10 minutes doing so before some troll was able to come and place there flag right next to mine putting a halt to me contesting the pre existing one. 99% of the territories do not even have 1 structure on them, they are simply claiming to be a$$Holes. When 1 person can claim entire islands you know your system is broken. Please also start removing lawless islands as spawn points as that is alot of land that can be used by those of us screwed by the land lock system.
  7. Experiencing this issue as well. Only way i found to rectify is to store all your items away safely then kill yourself and respawn.
  8. I have had this issue on numerous occasions. If t his happens to you Restart the game and log in to the server it will put you at the spawn screen, I noticed that if your bed is on a raft inside a free port town and you select to spawn on it then it will bring up the character creation then also. Only way to avoid this thati personally have found is to spawn on one of the islands in the city closest to you and run back. This is however not helpful for those near a spawn zone or if their raft is out to sea.
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