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  1. JakeM

    C6 Hydra is Eluding Us

  2. JakeM

    Npc steering not animated

    Thanks, Ill pass this along!
  3. JakeM

    C6 Hydra is Eluding Us

    @Darcascia What network are you on? Need to know so I can hop on and take a look
  4. JakeM

    Penguins no longer giving a buff?

    When you pick the penguin up, check your inventory. You should notice your hypothermal insulation increases.
  5. JakeM

    NA PVE AotD not despawning?

    Thanks for the feedback guys. Ill pass the info along!
  6. JakeM

    guild fusion

    Was this on officialservers or on single player?
  7. JakeM

    Floating point Issue

    Thanks for the report, Ill pass it along!
  8. JakeM

    Bug fast decay and ship building

    Was the shipyard demo'd as well, or was it just the gall skeleton and w/e planks you had placed?
  9. JakeM

    Game crash entire inventory LOST

    Can you provide any information about what you were doing at the time, or the crashstack that popped up when you crashed?
  10. JakeM

    Missing deep water trench in single player

    Thanks for the report, Ill pass it along
  11. JakeM

    Bug - Feature Water piping.

    Thanks, Ill pass it along
  12. "Attack my target" and "Attack this target" are different. My target means it will attack something you attack. This target causes it to auto attack. Hope this helps
  13. JakeM

    Master Cartographer "Instant Equip"

    The skill gives you a feat. I just tested and the feat is working. What items are you testing with so I can take a look?
  14. JakeM

    XP Bug

    The MaxXP shows the base 50 levels of exp plus the exp from the disco points, so lvl 50 + 284247.
  15. Thanks for the report, Ill pass it along!