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  1. pillowman399

    Creature Designer

    saddles should show what they give (atm you cant see how much armor they provide until equiped on an animal should be seen before crafting)
  2. pillowman399

    Alliance vs Chinesse

    had same problem we made land fall and got a base going and then they come in and mass do things (shoot, agro animals and so on) until server crashed and they got their claim back and had to start all over again
  3. pillowman399

    Chinese Hackers Please Help

    EU PVP have the same problem with hackers and chinese, the chinese comes in to a server 6ships or so (brigs or bigger) loaded with full crews this causes the server to be overloaded and start to lag and then the game randomly pick ppl and kicks them making the defenders loose ppl and then they start to claim EVERTHING they shoot threw walls, spin around and shoots pistols at 200m ranges, rubberband with swords so they go threw walls and so on
  4. pillowman399

    Chinese invasion

    i also forgot to mention they agro every predator on the island causing lag and glitching, while having classic names such as 9218238 and who could forget 33122391 or even his friend 78812221
  5. pillowman399

    Chinese invasion

    The chinese are blocking the servers and then swarm claims during nights, have been online the entire night protecting my base and heard the constant tapping of chinese spears hitting my roof and then the endless chinese chatter, all the while they are level 40 and naked with only spears going in groups of 25vs1-3 and just running on mass consider region locking chinese out of EU and give them their own shit server Asia