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  1. Just started playing the single player game, and consistently crash to desktop whilst using the xbox controller in the skills tree, when i try to press A to learn a group of skills, it works ok when learning the skill separately using the mouse.
  2. nosscar

    Solo schooner v 4 SoTD schooner.

    Not sure how to set using crew both sides, switching ect. Can you show a tutorial ect
  3. nosscar

    Solo schooner v 4 SoTD schooner.

    Nice little battle i recorded.
  4. nosscar

    ships Suggestions For Ship Changes

    I would like to suggest that all ships hud's have a speed indicator in knots, maybe up in the top right corner along with the wind and sails icons. I believe this would add a lot of substantial game play, as we could then accurately test the different sail and structure configurations. Also we would easily be able to see how the crew and cargo weights effect ships speed. It would be possible for players to try design the ultimate speed ship too. something like this. Please remember to upvote if you agree.
  5. nosscar


    I have same problem as op, I am on unofficial server, what does owner have to change to see the quests.
  6. Yea, I am expecting the usual troll childish behavior, where has the standards of decency dropped to. Yea,, and the devs should be setting examples.
  7. I have been on a few official servers where profanity was auto censored, but this forum is as bad as steam. Why do posters feel the need to f every word or post. Please tighten up and have a swear filter. I sometime have my grandchildren here, I cannot dare read these forums due to so much foul Language. I understand they have issues, but please keep the kiddies in check. I am 62 , and in my day, everyone had respect, the devs are doing there job, if you worked in a shop or cafe, would you serve someone swearing at you, no. Stop behaving like spoilt brats.
  8. nosscar

    Devs, do you have a QA dept, for testing

    Yes i realise it is EA, and we are the testers, but surely, (like the post above states) you would think they would have ironed out the simple things like balancing, as this negatively impacts the game and how it is viewed and reviewed in it's early stages of development. I can imagine a lot of frustrated players turning away from the game due to this and never coming back.
  9. nosscar

    Holding pen for tames

    2 ways i have found to protect tames in your base, one already mentioned, build a pen on 2 high pillars, so wilds cannot bite through the walls, and the other success i have had, is simply wall off the entire base area, with stone gates, or walls, making sure no gaps exist for the wilds to get into your base area. Of course this would not stop the spawns inside your base, but luckily i have not had any, not sure if it is because i have a few feeding troughs, i know in Ark, they used to stop spawning in a radius around them, but not sure if that is the same in Atlas.
  10. Nerf the Alpha wolfs, surely if you had a QA department, that tested the games as a normal player would play it, they would have seen how insanely OP Alphas are, esp the wolves. I play on an unofficial server, with 2x harvesting and 2x taming being the only changes. And thank god for the 2x taming, as this is really needed with the insane amount of tames lost to Alphas. Yesterday i took my elephant out of the base walls to farm wood, he was protected and followed by 2 bears, 7 wolves, all tames are 40+ and 50+, suddenly a 252 Alpha wolf appeared from no where, the wolves and bears attacked, and all were slaughtered in seconds, i tried to get the elephant away, but no chance, that was killed too, along with my character. If the game will not allow you to use tames even with what i considered reasonable protection, then what is the point of the whole taming mechanic. I get that Alphas are tougher and better than normal tames, but come on, 1 Alpha wolf, v 1 Elephant, 2 bears and 7 wolves, all highish levels considering 30 max wild level. I love this game, and i can see where it could be going, but you have asked us to help shape the game, and i have seen lots of posts on these forums asking you to nerf Alphas, please listen, and use your testers to help balance the wild animals properly. Just my opinion on this topic, hope you take the feedback seriously.
  11. nosscar


    Game won't die, it will flourish on unofficial, where I am now and enjoying playing solo.
  12. nosscar

    xbox controller issues

    ye, i noticed the back button does work the hud, but the wheel too is annoying. never really needed the hud much in Ark
  13. nosscar

    Rhino's no reduced weight

    i think there should be an option in the harvest settings to not pick up berries and veg, (or reduce the amount they gather) as they quickly overload the animals weight, also the rhino is pretty much useless just now, as it takes only a few seconds to be overloaded with a small amount of stone, and i get no metal at all from normal rocks with it.
  14. nosscar

    xbox controller issues

    I have been playing Atlas for a while now, and using the xbox controller, as i used to do in Ark, i could never go back to keyboard and mouse totally. The issues i have noticed are that some controls do not seem to work with the controller active. Namely, The H key on keyboard does not show hud info or resources, works fine with game-pad disconnected. The fire trigger with Lions, does not pick up other animals, mouse click does not work either, unless you disconnect gamepad. The mini-game for water, and reloading your weapon, does not stop the marker with trigger on xbox controller, even though the left and right trigger is supposed to be same as left\right mouse click. There are probably more that i haven't found yet, but these are the most annoying. So either some xbox pad controls are not functioning, and having the xbox pad connected actually stops some keyboard commands from working. Please fix asap devs.
  15. nosscar

    Taming on Atlas is animal cruelty !!!

    The best taming method was in the ark mod, immersive taming, where you feed the animals certain foods to gain there trust. Much more realistic.