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    A Poisonous Trap

    Ah, organic poly burgers, ala ark
  2. CamsterAu

    A Poisonous Trap

    Make a snake pit instead
  3. CamsterAu

    Too many derelict ships, Pack Up option

    No, it's a terrible idea. If anything, it should be a mod and kept off official servers. Playing the game on official requires a serious time commitment. Do we need some sort of fix for all the abandoned ships? Yes, we do. Do we need a magical way to shrink our ship to pocket size to move it somewhere? No, we don't! They already move, that's why they have sails. Yes holidays are an issue, but work something out with a friend or tribe mate you trust. Otherwise, there are always unofficial servers out there
  4. What would you all think about including an intelligence boost in the rejuvenation buff? It would make sense if you think about It, age = wisdom. It wouldn't have to be a % boost equal to the other stats, but it could be an extra incentive to de-age yourself. So, thoughts?
  5. CamsterAu

    Rejuvenation suggestion

    So I'm about to go and post this in suggestions aswell, just wanted forums opinion, and perhaps feasibility feedback from devs. What would you all think about including an intelligence boost in the rejuvenation buff? It would make sense if you think about It, age = wisdom. It wouldn't have to be a % boost equal to the other stats, but it could be an extra incentive to de-age yourself. So, thoughts?
  6. CamsterAu

    Respec Soup?

    If it's like I'm thinking and it's just an import of mindwipe tonic, will definetly have a spoil timer
  7. CamsterAu


    It's the effect they use for their fog of war, it's not static. I know the issue and have the same problem sometimes. It's not always an issue for me though
  8. CamsterAu

    Craftable flags

    I would like to see some more flags in the game. Not claim flags, but a few types of flags we can craft to decorate our buildings or ships. A regular size flag, that we could place on a flagpole, or perhaps attach to your masts. In addition, pennants! The small triangular flags, we could put them small poles and attach to towers, or perhaps even as a signal flag system on our ships. We could have them be paintable, or perhaps some default flags to show what we are doing. Like a combination of colored pennants that could indicate trading etc.
  9. CamsterAu

    Better survival perks

    Your issue is valid, but your idea of a resource gathering buff is not the answer. We already gather a great deal, even more so with tames and the natures feats. A further resource gathering buff that is so easy to attain just isn't necessary, and would be too over powered. Some incentive to maintain vitamin equilibrium would be nice, but this isn't where it should be
  10. Anyone know why my bears food icon is blue, or have I just never noticed it before?
  11. CamsterAu

    Patch bugged?

    Sounds like a desyncing issue. You tried restarting etc? And did you also download the patch or just rejoin server?
  12. CamsterAu

    Sandbars and safety or Strategy idea

    The reason you haven't seen any sand bars in deep water.... because it's deep water! Your not just going to have a great big pile of sand appear in water that deep, let alone stay there. Yes it would make things easier for some people, but the rest of us are happy to drop anchor at an island
  13. CamsterAu

    How do we turn off "welcome to atlas"?

    Have you checked the advanced options? I know I haven't had the message since the first day so I must have turned it off somehow. But since I've been playing since launch it was a long while ago
  14. CamsterAu

    This game is not for the new gamer

    There is nothing stopping you from finding anchorage at the nearest island when you have to leave, assuming your pve (and I'm assuming you are since this isn't really a PvP concern). With the many fixes and patches to counter griefing this is a valid option now. As to your travel time, consider going somewhere closer to home if you don't have long to play
  15. So my testing hasn't proven very useful, a few questions. When dealing with multiple crewed ships in your harbour/base/castle etc, can they all pull from one resource box and larder? For example, I have 3 ships parked next to a dock. If I position them close enough, would a single box and larder on said dock pay and feed all crew on all ships, assuming they are within range? Or do I need to stock resource boxes and larder on each individual ship
  16. CamsterAu

    Open land?

    Try the trading forums, some people advertising selling claims there. Be careful you don't get scammed though. But most prime territory will definetly be taken now
  17. CamsterAu

    White paint

    Can we PLEASE get a white paint that actually works on structures/ships, instead of returning it to default coloring
  18. CamsterAu


    So, u don't know if this is feasible or not in terms of coding etc, but would a duel arena for pve be possible. Something small, maybe in Freeports. An area where 2 or more people could enter and agree to combat, like declaring war but much more restrictive. Maybe provide a temporary empty pistol, maybe spawned with a single/2 shots worth of durability. Would something like this even be possible?
  19. I feel including it in the ram. Sloop build would be over powered. It's already stupidly simple to get the mats to make a boat, and making a bed is simple too. Yes, a message would help new players, but don't hand feed them.
  20. CamsterAu

    Articles of Patch Agreement

    So you want to give people more time to perform their exploits before they happen? We already get 15 minutes warning in most cases, which is plenty of time to get to land and anchor. And while your first idea is already done with their large monthly patch, 24hr notice for a patch at this stage of the game is ludicrous
  21. CamsterAu

    tigers only eat meat in trough???

    Probably vegans
  22. CamsterAu

    Hatchet blueprints?

    First, stop bumping. And secondly, someone on my server claimed to get a metal hatchet bp from a golden age ruin treasure map, unproven though
  23. CamsterAu

    Melee dead?

    You ever tried killing a bee with a ranged weapon? It's not fun. It's easier to pull out your fists and punch it a few times. Also if a cobra gets close enough to get under your feet, you really want something other than a pistol. Yes, takes make all of these irrelevant, but you can't have one with you everywhere
  24. As the title suggests, great work on this most recent patch. The gpu performance improvements are fantastic. Easily doubled my initial fps in the same settings
  25. CamsterAu

    Gpu improvements, fantastic work!

    Like I said, patch notes: Client Side GPU Optimisations