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  1. You cannot place any foundations through previous tier foundations, However i was able to do this with the ceilings no problem. The Stone staircase does not line up to the stone doorways neither, Their offset to the right slightly / not quite wide enough. I Will edit this if i find any further problems with building structures, If anybody has found problems with the building mechanic feel free to leave extra comments below to help us fix what can be better!
  2. i know a lot of these cases are due to land claim flags company's spam them across the island which prevents resources and prevents them from even re spawning at all
  3. not sure if it is Possible but if it is, I'll +1 this i think it'll help so much in spawning for free ports at the very least.
  4. i was agreeing with you and leaving information to confirm what i did to replicate it. I wasn't making sure what you said is right, I'm confirming it to support your bug report.
  5. is it on a non starter area island? Is there land claims everywhere,? because I've heard land claims destroy the spawns of a lot of resources. just a thought if there is might need to take em down or the devs will have to limit how many can be placed.
  6. I can vouch for this, I get roughly 35-50 FPS in areas Then when i open the map and compass it gets down to around 20fps, If i have the grid display on it too it laggs down to like 8 fps, With the button "M" not the map in the inventory.
  7. This idea is most likely the best one out of all the wonderful ideas in here haha i support this dude you should make a poll for this!
  8. i agree with this so far its land claim after land claim for crews, Taking over islands, We either need 1 claim from leader of crew, Or land claims from 3 per crew sort of thing, And use the payments to increase land yield from there, Or reduce the amount of players that can be in a crew to a reasonable number to control it that way, There are many ways this can be done and i agree with this needing to be fixed sooner than later.
  9. I would like to kind of see a small companies / tribe put into a separate server, With no alliances. Obviously more pressing things at matter, But for the future this would be nice. Maybe around max 10 players. So you can have crew for the bigger ships maybe.
  10. I Agree i do not see why you should be able to fly on an adventure pirate game. This is ATLAS. Not ARK. I do not want to see tames become the dominate way to play this game. + 1
  11. I get very low frames in the starting area, Leaving that area helps but no matter weather i turn my settings down to low or epic they stay the same Fps around 30-35. 970, AMD 9730FX CPU, 16GB of ram. On an SSD. The game is running more of my CPU than my GPU when i look at task manager. I can play Ark in around 70-100 FPS depending on settings, I can run most other Early access titles with at least 50-60 FPS With settings on high. Anybody else having these types of FPS problems, I've read on twitter people with 1080s, 2080s, 1060s/70s are having problems with FPS.
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