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  1. I share your pain, we have the same problem with elephants. Unless you're in the exact position and the game decides it's in a good mood, feeding one is a nightmare.
  2. 7 animals lost to this shit already, and seriously considering to just give up. Days of work, gone in minutes when trying to move an animal to another island. By all means keep pumping out more shit features and not fixing core mechanics
  3. but what if the devs all played Shinobi and actually finished it
  4. I'm so looking forward to my flying pirate ship. For me this was the main point of the game, becoming a Sky Pirate
  5. are you this much of a warrior in real life as well? or just going off strong cause "muh anonymous internet"
  6. Same happened to us today. Elephant disappeared when moving it from our Brigantine to the Galleon.
  7. Is there a special class you can attend to come up with these theories?
  8. Dear Wildcard, Please don't listen to the PvP'ers. They're always enforcing insane standards, turning every game into a second job. Allow us to have fun and not become toxic members of the community that want to enforce something on the entire player base.
  9. That's the thing buddy. The game isn't released yet.
  10. The amount of cyclones in a storm is insane.... Feels like the entire map turns into the Bermuda Triangle when cyclones appear....
  11. We don't even have the base components in Atlas. Where are our Trapdoors? Kind of crucial when making a base, or transport ship for your animals. Also what's with the not being able to place an elevator on a ship? Galleon's are huge, yet you cannot put an elevator on the ship to move animals down and up. That you can't put a Gate on a ship I am willing to accept, as a ship loaded with gates on the side would be able to soak insane amounts of damage. But the lack of trapdoors......... Right now we have a Galleon fitted to allow elephants and the likes to be moved downstairs. And this thing has huge gaping holes on the decks, cause you need like 3x4 open space to move these animals down a deck. Might as well place a giant sign saying "aim here for max damage" when sailing with this thing. We really need trapdoors and elevators on ships like a Galleon.
  12. Wildcard pls There's no Giant Trapdoors ingame to begin with You can't place gates in a galleon You can't place elevators in a Galleon How are we supposed to build something that can hold our animals in a sensible place? Really don't want them to be stacked on top of the deck and lose all of them in a fight. Getting them below deck is a nightmare unless you leave giant holes in the decks. "Fully customizable ships" sounded different in my mind. Can we please have them treated as such and not as movable platforms with insane restrictions.
  13. The biggest gripe I have with the farming is the soil requirements. Unless you're living in Tropic/Temperate areas, you can't grow shit. We have a Artic base, and can grow wheat and peppers, that's it. Nothing else grows anywhere, even if we place it on grass/leaves. Artic doesn't grow anything for us.
  14. The taxation is honestly not that bad. It's not as if you are handing over insane amounts. Just takes a little bit longer to get your total cap together, but not much
  15. And you became the relevant source on how a game should be made....when?
  16. You need to almost physically slap them from a sloop before they aggro you though, unless this got changed again? Haven't used my sloop for a while now since I got my Brigantine, and they're more a nuisance to me at this point. Although even schooners can hold their own pretty well. But I agree, sloop is probably best to just ignore them and go full speed. If the aggro mechanics didn't change they should be ignoring you.
  17. Sloops can have cannons, just elevate your deck with some wood and put them on top?
  18. maybe shoot em? Takes roughly 20 cannon balls only to get one down.
  19. I don't use this as a cop out excuse. I simply don't have the time or mood/will to deal with the insane grind that is official. As game is supposed to be fun, and official servers are anything but that : Hackers Griefers Trolls Toxic community I rather spent my time on a box where I can have fun, enjoy the game and play with like minded people without having to worry every 5 minutes whether some idiot comes sailing by to ruin the fun. You want to deal with overpopulated servers that go down constantly cause some idiot think it's hilarious to ddos it or hack it, be my guest. But that doesn't mean this game is bad because someone over the Internet is ruining the fun. THAT is actually a cop out excuse to whine.
  20. just on the ship should be sufficient.
  21. Unofficial servers my friend. Where the rates and people are friendly
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