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  1. Probably a stupid question but I'll ask it anyways... do you have the Beastmastery command skill? I assume you would since you said you were able to move them before, but maybe you respecced and forgot to re-add it?
  2. J changes ammo as well, for swivel guns if I remember correctly.
  3. Some photos from my travels; My loyal companions and beasts of burden; No one believed me when I told them the storms were coming and the world would soon be flooded... guess who's laughing now?! In addition to vegetable and animal smuggling, I also dabble a bit in wild dolphin capture!
  4. People without the skill can still single-whistle them to follow or stay (haven't tested J and U whistling without the skill), but they will not be able to use whistle commands to have the animal move to a specific location marker on the ground or go attack a specific target you whistle the red marker onto.
  5. Aah thank you!! Super inconvenient location for them imo, but very nice to finally see the winners! Appreciate the reply.
  6. Where are the winners posted for these contests?? I have asked on these forums and the official Discord and no one seems to know where winners from the previous two contests have been posted. Would love to see winners.
  7. I'm probably just missing it, but where are the Show N Tell winners displayed?? It's currently on the 3rd installment of the contest but I have yet to see winners posted from the previous two. Am I just missing them in some painfully obvious location for the winning shots?
  8. From the helm O will turn on/off all lanterns, U will cycle ammo on ships cannons, J to cycle ammo on swivel cannons, H to view all current ammo, R to open/close gunports (tho I'm pretty sure that last one is on the ship menu in the top left corner of the screen by default). https://clips.twitch.tv/SuperDrabMetalTinyFace
  9. Managed to hit -1766 degrees Fahrenheit earlier on an unofficial server during a cold snap at night with rain. As the person above me said, I was also dead within 2 seconds. Luckily it only lasted around 5 minutes then it went back to more manageable temperatures.
  10. It will depend on your purpose for having them. If you just need people on sails and such, their level or stats won't be of much difference to you. But if you want boarding parties, combat groups, etc, the higher levels can also bring higher base health or melee stats which are useful.
  11. I havent tested either of these so they may not (probably don't) work, but if someone wants to give them a go when looking at the ship and see if they work I'd appreciate it! For the Ships of the Damned cheat destroyall Ship_AoD and the Dutchman-style Ghost Ship cheat destroyall GhostShip Maybe... lol Editing to Add: Was able to test the Ship_AOD one and it didn't work. I assume the GhostShip one will not work either, but I have no way to test. Not sure if that's because the name is incorrect or if the "detroyall" command doesn't work in Atlas... am unable to try on other animal as if it works, it will also destroy tamed animals of that type. Sorry!
  12. Masts have no clip points, so they will just go through the tops of gates... we built bridges at our base (with pillars/ceilings) and move our sloops in and out of the bay. Our sloops use medium masts and all scoot in fine, clipping through the ceilings/gates.
  13. Have you tried painting it from the outside, in the water, under, near the rudder? That's usually where I am able to easily get the point for the frame itself and not the panels.
  14. There are very specific areas on some islands where thatch looks like a strange bloom-type flower on the ground... almost similar to a lotus. There's also some viney roots lying on the ground in some areas as well. The bear can harvest those and they are pure thatch. I can get a photo of the weird lotus-type flower things in a minute.... I'm currently sailing towards that island now to check on a land claim. I personally have not found them in large enough clusters to make thatching with a bear worth while though... so I just keep them for fiber and for some fighting.
  15. I personally was not impressed with my rhino. He got stone decently well, but has no weight reduction which was a HUGE let down. The only gatherers I absolutely love are the elephant for wood and the bear for fiber. Bear can also do very well getting thatch, but it has to be the weird root cluster looking things on some desert islands that give thatch for the bear to be able to harvest them. Bear was not able to get anything from actual trees. The only non-gatherers I consider to be must haves are the cows for the milk (vitamin blue/D) and maybe some chickens for the eggs (vitamin yellow, if I remember right), though I personally could take or leave chickens and not be heartbroken.
  16. I ended up placing 10 plots on my Noah's Ark brigantine rebuilt, but was unable to get irrigation to work... the water tanks would place, but piping said it could not be placed on the platform... what am I missing? Eventually moved the plots to an uncovered area so they are just filled by rain, but would love to have them inside with irrigation if there's some trick to getting it on a ship!
  17. Scotty


    Large is correct, unfortunately. Also not fond of the look of the large gates which is why both my elephant and rhino just kind of stand around outside the barn hoping no alphas wander in.
  18. Are you able to place a wood foundation? If you put your crop plots on top of a wood foundation (or a wood ceiling) they should show the soil as either Desert Wood or Temperate Wood (depending on the island). A lot of different seeds can be successfully grown in Desert/Temperate Wood - including Maize seeds.
  19. Maize seed says it "can be planted in any soil EXCEPT" Desert Rock is in the list, meaning it cannot be planted there.
  20. Anyone have the talent to turn this into an Accordion macro? It's the Game of Thrones theme tune. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=174Mb_fxtbk
  21. Was it *your* pet or one in another company? If it was in another company, the command is working as intended. If you just wanted to do a "dino wipe" after major server updates, use "cheat destroywilddinos" (same as Ark) and it will destroy wild animals as well as ghost ships, but will not damage/destroy pets or rafts/ships in other companies.
  22. Absolutely LOVING this tool and the song arrangements that have been provided! I'm not the most musically adept person in the world, so I am hoping someone can compile a spot for songs to be shared among the community - as folks did with canvas/billboard painting for Ark!!
  23. None of my experiences have worked in taming any animals (even those under level 30) on dungeon type islands. I've tried chickens, horses, bears and (don't laugh) the shieldhorn. Was able to bola the ones that are normally bola'd but none had the option to feed. Passive chicken never had an option to feed either, tried a level 6 (not sure why it was on the dungeon island) and a level 90+ to no avail. Having said all that, my experience is limited to an unofficial server so I apologize in advance if it's different for official.
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