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  1. Not sure who you're talking to?... Because I am fully aware of how it works, was just making a point. You however, must not be aware that the 2 hour refund window is only for refunding via their automated system. If you would like to refund it go to (Help/Steam Support/Purchases/Atlas/"I have a question about this purchase"). And explain that you went over the refund time without ever getting in game to play. I had 10 hours and they refunded it no problem. Note: Don't go from steam support directly to Atlas, go to "Purchases" then Atlas, otherwise you'll only get the options for the automated system which won't help you. Gl
  2. Every single fanboy here who is saying "ITS EARLY ACCESS! YOU CAN'T COMPLAIN" is a mindless sheep that has absolutely no clue what they are talking about, or why people are frustrated. (If they don't wipe): You get to play at launch once, you get to start fresh with everyone else ONCE, the beginning happens ONCE. If developers do not do a full WIPE at launch, then they force you to play early access to be competitive, or even casuals to experience the game at the same pace as everyone else. Ark didn't wipe at official launch, this game is unlikely to wipe at launch.. Meaning launch day experience IS early access, and this is the crap we were given/forced into. This is not a small indie company, this is not a brand new game, there is a TON of copy paste from Ark.... Basically they had 2 jobs, make the core mechanics work, make the servers work. And they released it for roughly $30(Cad) Before doing either of those Early access should be for fine tuning, for balance, for the things that its hard to see coming until you have a ton of testers, for making features better... If they wanted to know how the servers would handle load, they could have simply offered a free weekend for a stress test, (not a free game)... a free weekend for everyone to jump in and stress the server, and try it out.
  3. For those who spent more than 2 hours trying to connect to the server, steams automated refund process will deny you. For me... it was 9 hours attempting to play the game, 1 hour of terrible play experience. If you go steam under the Help menu, Steam support, (don't click on atlas there), click on purchases, then click on Atlas. Now you will have the option "I have a question about this purchase" Click on that and explain how your time spent in the lobby should not count as "Time played", explain your experience with the game. You'll get it refunded. You're welcome. Ark had a rough go when it first came out, but nothing like this, and Wildcard(I know Atlas is being handled by Grapeshot, I'm making a point here) back then seemed to care... it lead me to work with them and get involved in the community and look forward to a hopeful change. That lead to me having over 2,000 hours played in ark and has been by far the best valued purchase I have ever made. But Atlas... there really are zero excuses for just how terribly this was handled, everything points to bait and greed. Sure they might make it playable some day, but I doubt you'll ever see what you do in the trailers, and that's a shame. Early Access is a fine excuse, if you're in an alpha state and plan to do a full wipe at launch... but when you do not wipe at launch you force competitive players and even casuals that want the early days of launch experience, and when you do that... You're responsible for what you release and the backlash you get. If EA games were forced to wipe at launch, I probably would have bought it, tried it, found it was not remotely ready and just hung onto until I jumped in for release day. Hope this helps some before it's taken down, when a product is advertised in the trailers and by streamers on their private streamer early launch as something that appears to be a functioning game and what you get is nothing remotely close to that. And review drop below 20% positive (I believe it went down to 18% and climbed up a couple points), Steam should e-mail people and offer them a refund and ignore the 2 hour rule in this case.
  4. Hi, Atlas: [NA PVE] The Hydra's Den Region: ___________? For some reason, last time I logged out, this was left blank and I cannot reconnect! After hours of trying to get on, I finally do and get everything I need for a raft and smithy and materials to sail away... and now I cannot get back in! So frustrating!
  5. Guessing we're all out of luck for the rest of the weekend... =/
  6. Logged out, went to get something to eat and drink... came back and have been unable to re-connect since.. Says 8 hours played... I've maybe got 1 hour of gameplay. Fanboys aside, this was done horribly, you are not a small indie company, this isn't your first big launch. Early access is the worst thing to happen to gamers... it's an excuse to do little to no testing beforehand... Where are the days when they would hand out keys for stress tests, not talking about giving a ton of people the game free, talking about giving them a weekend key for a stress test.. The streamer early access wasn't a stress test, it was to build hype... and just built a false impression of what our experience would be like. This should have and could have been avoided. >.<
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