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    Grog making

    Try right clicking on the water skin while its in the water barrel inventory and choosing the fill barrel option. It empties the water skin/jug and allows you to craft the grog. Sometimes i need to do this step and sometimes i don't Wierd issue but as long as you empty the container into the barrel you should be fine to craft the item.
  2. Vincinter

    Can't craft anything related to smithys

    I don't know if anyone helped you with this and you may have gotten it worked out as this was a while back that you posted this, but looking at the images the items should show up as craft able under the smithy's inventory not your own. There is an option to remove the crafting inventory and just show you an extended inventory. Its the anvil by the search bar click that and you should be able to see which items you can craft. Looking at your image you have the crafting menu for the smithy disabled. Hope this is late and you have already found this out.
  3. Vincinter

    My ship was sunk when i sleep

    Was this in a freeport? If it was there is your answer they decay within hours if you leave one there. If not more than likely you got griefed by someone intentionally trying to sink your ship they have implemented a fix for this but its not the best. Best bet if you launch a ship is to make sure your ladders are all up and this is not a guarantee as if they work in teams one of them can climb up to release the ladder for the overweight player. I keep forgetting but i am going to try and destroy the emergency ladder to my boat leaving me with only the option to use picks or a hook to get back on the ship. It will be annoying but hey they wont be able to overweight my ship because they cant climb up while carrying that much weight. Sadly we as players that just want to protect our time have to find ways to workaround currently but its better than no fix at all.
  4. Vincinter

    Impossible to kill wild alpha now

    Not super helpful but it may be a bug. They still work well enough for me not as good where 1 arrow maybe 2 was enough to kill each and every alpha i ran into. Now if I can kite the alpha somewhere it cant follow me and shoot the ground near the alpha making sure it stands in the flame it takes me 3 fire arrows on average to kill one. Rattlesnakes 1 arrow generally, wolves are usually 2-3. Giraffes and elephants are the worst I have found since they are so tall off the ground you have to aim really well to make sure it hits them right where their hooves meet the ground. May want to experiment with placement of your fire and see if that helps it took us a few days after the update to figure it out. But it definitely still works better than regular arrows/firearms. Hope this helps somewhat as I prefer this update personally. The alphas spawn less if the island takes care of them you can safely do stuff for a bit before another respawns. But also they do feel like a challenge and not either a grind with normal ammunition and a joke with fire arrows. There is a happy medium that takes a bit of skill and practice to achieve and they have fixed the pathing of the creatures so that a small rock doesn't stop them and have them watch you as you roast them alive. They will find paths onto the rocks you jump on if one is available so you still have to pay attention to the alphas. Again hope this helps somewhat I know how much of a pain Alphas can be we were shut down in out company for a couple of days because of their spawn rate before the patch.
  5. Vincinter

    Treasure maps not working?

    Stupid question but did you have the map placed on your hotbar. It took me a few times when i did my first one to figure out that it had to be on the hotbar not just equipped from your inventory.
  6. Vincinter

    Taming Effectiveness Bugged or Miss read?

    It means that is the max amount of levels it can get. So a level 5 tame will get 1-2 levels at max taming effectiveness immediately after you finish taming it becoming a level 6-7. But then you can potentially level it up a max of 35 levels afterwards so you could end up with a level 42 tame after you level it up by farming kills or whatever to level it up. It makes it so a taming a higher level wild tame can get to a higher max level vs a low level tame giving an incentive to tame the higher wild level ones instead of a dozen low level and ending up with the same result as someone putting in the effort and time to tame the level 35 running around.
  7. Vincinter

    bow durabillity loss server build patch (9.2)

    Durability for bows has been reduced multiple times. I think its 2 points of durability per normal arrow and 4 per fire arrow. A standard bow starts with 40 so that sounds about right. Get into the habit of carrying supplies to repair its not horrible to do so. When i go out taming or even farming i generally carry 2 bows with 40 fire arrows, 60 stone arrows and enough materials to repair 3 times. It is a lot at first but once you start the habit its not to bad to keep track of.
  8. I will lead with everything in this is manageable for the most part Cannons being the most risky due to not being able to reliably fend of SoTD. We have heard that hatchet blueprints have not been added to the loot tables from other players. I have not seen anything official confirming this yet. Disregard if this is the case. If not however my company has done a few hundred treasure maps we generally have 3-6 players doing them for 5-6 hours a couple days a week. We have had 0 hatchet blueprints drop of any Quality. Cannons are experiencing a weird bug where it kicks whoever is manning them off the cannon every few seconds. Takes multiple attempts to reload before it completes a reload taking 25 or more seconds just to reload in between shots. Experienced this mostly all throughout C6 the golden age ruins but also in some of the surrounding areas D6 and D5. Was mostly an annoyance for but there were a few times we had to do a lot of repairs to stop the ship from sinking while fighting SoTD. Golden Age Ruins are becoming clogged with ships. It is causing an insane amount of lag within these areas. There were close to 100 parked on the southern portion of C6. Some were being sunk by the high level creatures but for the most part the area where they are all sitting is safe. Seems that they are crafting smaller ships sailing them in and parking them so they have a teleport and easy access to all of them. Possible Solution: Add the same ship decay as in the freeports maybe with a longer timer so you can actually go here and do the content but leaving ships parked here for fast travel is not how this should work. It causes an immense amount of lag for anyone to even enter the area much less try to do the content as it was intended. Food spoiling time for cooked recipes is not operating correctly sometimes. Says 16 hours but last anywhere from 6 to the actual stated duration. Crew invisible still have mass that you cant walk through so it seems like you are stuck or lagging. Some company members can see them and some cannot which is how we found out about the issue. To some of the company it seemed the 15 crew members on our Brig were gone but a few of us could see them and interact with them. Players can not climb ladders reliably to get on our own ships. It does work eventually but sometimes you have to jump off back into the water and start the process over. Every once in a while someone else has to come move the ship for you to be able to climb the ladder.
  9. Vincinter

    Deadline: 01/18/2019 - Live Stream Questions

    Are animal spawn timers working properly? Is this how you intended the islands to be populated or are they increased due to launch and you anticipating the large need for resources to be available? If they are increased when can we expect them to be reduced? Are you planning to do anything with Alphas? Any new items that you are planning on releasing? Specifically anything for taming? For example bait and or 1 use or multiple use traps would be awesome especially to remove clutter from claims and give people more space to build. Would also allow people to tame on areas they don't own without having to build a taming enclosure and not risk alphas taking out their bola'd animals. For the larger ships instead of planks some kind of drawbridge gate that you could lower and raise so you could put tames belowdeck. Any plans on increasing the storage space for certain items like preserving bags? They are fairly limited on something that is fairly important or a big deal on ships but farmers are having to place 4-5 just to store what they grow. Hope you have some info on these items. Look forward to hearing about you plans for the future of this game.
  10. Vincinter

    ship destroyed in freeport

    How long were you logged out for? If it was any major amount of time it probably decayed. Rafts will decay overnight if left in a Freeport and i think anything larger than a raft decays even more rapidly. Disregard if this is something you were aware of and you were logged out less than a couple hours. I know a lot of people are still unaware of the Freeport decay.
  11. Vincinter

    bug Creatures Bugged

    Yes we had a bear that we were trying to tame do this as well. Just ran around we chased it for something like 2 hours before finally giving up. Its by far not the largest issue but one that directly effects every play session. We have all started travelling to tame creatures that are in our own backyard because of how buggy all the creatures are.
  12. Vincinter

    bug Creatures Bugged

    Me and my company are set up on D5. I joined them about a week and a half ago. They have been set up there pretty much since launch. The animals on the island have become progressively more and more buggy. At first we thought this may have been how they are programmed but after travelling to a few other islands no other wolves/lions/bears act in this manner. We have only seen it happen across D5 in an increasingly high frequency it started with just one bugged creature that we had to kill and then we were good for a while. Now they are glitched out and non-aggressive at start running away from the player then return within a few minutes fully aggressive. This would not be an issue if it was one at a time but the wolves spawn so quickly that there are generally 15 or so running around in a small area and with them all running away just travelling from the beach you run through at least 3 of the creatures aggro range if not more and then within minutes you have an entire pack coming at you. Same happens when you attack almost any creature on this island. It makes taming even more difficult and clearing an area for any amount of time impossible. It has gotten to the point where by the time we kill 1-2 wolves 3 more have spawned and you have to run around and chase these down to kill them only to have more than you can kill spawn right back. Me and 2 other clan mates spent an hour or more last night killing wolves at our small farm with carbines so generally 1 head shot takes them down. But every time we killed a few and checked if it was safe as many as we had killed we coming out of the woods. The aggro needs to be corrected so we can reliably even just go get wood or thatch from the surrounding areas. And the spawn rate should probably be looked at we understand that its a survival game but at this point it feels more like a hunting simulator. A few things that would be handy if you could look into the small and large gates. The small stone gates will not allow a tamed Rhino through even though there is visibly space on both sides. Also any kind of foundation seems to cause creatures a problem with crossing over them even with 2-3 spaces on either side of them. The large gates seem to resolve this issue if you only have foundations under the 2 posts but this leaves a huge gap that can be crossed under by players and smaller creatures. So if you could check into the clipping issues for gates that would be extremely helpful. There are only 2 gate sizes in the game currently the small gate is not quite large enough and the large gate is far to large compared to the larger creatures. Maybe add in a medium sized gate so we can out a gate in that is somewhere between that allows the creatures currently in game to cross through them. I currently have a Rhino that we sorely needed parked on one of our ships because we cant get him into our keep and if we leave him outside he will be dead within minutes from the massive amount of wolves on the island.