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  1. Hi all, I have several people in my company that can't connect to the servers still because their character is located in an over populated quadrant. So when they click on Join ATLAS or Rejoin, they get a timeout error instantly and can't join the game at all. They don't get to the screen that they can choose which server they can join, so basically they are stuck on the main menu of the game without being able to move into the game. What I would like to know is if players (or devs) have a solution for this? The players have tried everything from reinstalling the game to restarting their routers, to remove user configuration files, etc. They can't join at all. If someone could provide some advice as to what to do in order to resolve this problem, that would be great!
  2. Another thing that baffles me is how awful the player connects into the different grids...
  3. I mean it would have been even more functional the Devs gave people the opportunity to play with the Character Editor, while the game found a server to put them into... or better yet... Instance the FP so people at least could run around and little by little move them to the main server.... what-a-concept.
  4. Here is a hanky. Lets now hold hands and sing kumbaya while someone collects your tears.
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