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  1. Oh great!! Yet another "patch" to "fix" things...let's see how much further we can put this game in the grave... Guys you've already dug the hole, just lay in it now, sell the game to Blizzard and let them (with their massive resources) fix the game. Just fix what you have, stop worrying about extra garbage, the warehouses and farmhouses are just going to cut even more players out of the game. Because if you've got an island with 20 residents, they aren't all going to be able to use farms/warehouses.... you want us sailing.... the oceans are not sailable, its not worth the aggravation. Why am I going to attempt to sail only to get fatal error-ed out of the game, or hit a zone where the lagg is so bad you rage quit and play a different game?
  2. I've had 2 Galleons vanish since the 402.5 Patch, nothing in company log, nothing left in the water, not even npc's. I've opened a ticket but suspect I'm not going to get anywhere, anyone else having this issue?
  3. That would make moving them where you want a lot easier..
  4. You should come to B5 on NAPVE the biggest island inside the bay and see my dock and fleet of ships. (with only 2 of us playing in my company we've been building a bit to much.) lol Also we've got a nice lighted bridge connecting the island to the main island, with a space for ships to pass through.
  5. Most have already asked the main big questions, I just have 3 Questions, 1. Can you PLEASE increase ship reverse speed from .3kt to at least 1kt?? 2. Can you give anchoring more leeway, as real ships don't anchor practically on shore like you have to do on some islands. 3. Can you increase the structure limit on the Galleon I feel its ridiculously low for a ship of its size!! Thanks!!
  6. Are these just for private servers or how can I figure out where these islands are on the official servers?
  7. NA PVE M6 Lawless Auto demolish of "decayed" structures completely demolished my base that had a recently refreshed decay timer. Anyone else have this issue?
  8. First, can we raise the structure placement limit on Brigs and Galleons? (It seems really low, couldn't even have railings up) Second, the resource re spawn rate in lawless zone M6 is crazy fast (Like 30 sec re spawn) can you guys tweak that at all? Thanks!! Keep up the work!!
  9. When this game was announced, I was like FINALLY, the Naval/Land based sandbox game that I've been waiting for!!! I know this is an EA game and there are going to be issues, that's all fine and dandy. The problem is, those of us that were sitting at our pc's waiting for steam to update and release the game to be purchased, those of us who have been playing since it went live, we have given our opinions and suggestions from the start, and you guys (Devs) aren't listening. I know that the PVP side of the game probably has way more players than the PVE, so I understand the new format for them. But how about we fix whats wrong with the game and stabilize the servers before you add new game formats? The claim system you had before had its bugs but most of us were happy with it, what we wanted was a limit on flags placed, that's it! Period! Now smaller groups can claim an entire island? And on pvp it only requires one person to claim so on avg 5 islands per zone X 225 zones. That's just over 1100 islands minus lawless and freeports. So in theory 1000 players could effectively claim the entire system of islands? That doesn't seem right to me. Another thing, guys, what were you thinking telling us you're going to wipe the servers 3 weeks before you do? Ignorance is bliss sometimes, I don't think you'd of lost as many players if you had just waited on the announcement. Lastly, I'm not a business executive or anything but if my time in the military has taught me anything its having discipline and leadership, get your crap together you guys. There's nothing that shows lack of professionalism more than a dead battery on a camera as you go live with your stream. Its not like it was a surprise you were going live. These are the things people see and care about, all those little things add up. Again I know this game is still in the process of being created but lets get our crap together and listen to the people playing the game. You guys are in the process of creating a game that could do way better than Ark did. You really need to think about adding GM's to deal with complaints and stuck players and overall general issues within the game, and I'm not saying hired employees. But people that are active and know a thing or two about how the GM side of things works, have a GM be in charge of a section of 25 zones, that's only 18 people you'd have to add onto your trusted list. 9 for day shift 9 for night shift. That way people won't have to wait a month and a half for you guys to deal with a rogue player blocking ships in a bay on a pve server like I did. I want to be positive about this game but its very hard especially sitting here waiting for NA PVE to go live. I want this game to grow just as you guys do and I'm excited to see the possibilities of new maps, maybe even a "super" continent with navigable rivers with lakes!! Maybe a dev will read this maybe not, maybe you guys agree, maybe you don't. Sail on mateys!!
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