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  1. Recently we heard from you guys on a stream that the goal is to get more content at sea which is awesome and I’m hyped about. For PVE you can improve this for lots of players who are part of companies that have a claimed island. Wanting us to spend more time at sea and less on land, on pve server we need more than the initial 24 hour removal time for objects placed on our islands that we have claimed for our company to inspect every 24 hrs every corner of our island is ...time consuming. i recommend increasing that time requires running around our islands from 1 day to 7 days (some islands are pretty big) even using fast travel to get back to the island and inspect every square on the island is currently a daily chore that would be great if it’s just a weekly chore. Most objects desired to remove are taming pits which with a 1 week removal would make that an excellent solution. Help us continue to improve server performance by empowering us with the ability to maintain objects and remove old unused useless objects i see a bunch of old taming pits I’d like to remove
  2. Tax is a negative word. Change my mind. I’m running into new pve players who are living on lawless to avoid tax?? Trying to convince them to come to our company claimed island is a pain when they say “I get no tax here” Can we fix UI and simply remove the meaningless text that says the tax rate while on the islands. If the goal is to group people together and encourage community, the UI is counterproductive to your game goal for an mmo. The atlas map as well displays “tax rates” it’s confusing information on the map as well. it has zero relevance to pve players and even pointless to display and have “in your face” in the top right of the screen even for the company who has claimed the island. help me with fixing the UI so that new players won’t be confused and want to avoid coming to our island. thanks in advance of this fix
  3. they had the ships set to a shortened 6 hr decay timer to test a feature that they've now switched back to a 10day decay timer. it was working as intended in order to test something knowing the PTR would go offline before ten days were up.. feel free to check the latest patch notes on the ptr channel on discord to confirm what i'm saying. good luck and have fun!
  4. Ok so we’ve made a couple sloop ships.... but its unclear where we are suppose to leave it when we log out. Do we turn it in somewhere to a “ NPC ship harbormaster? “ Anchor in Freeport? Anchor in Lawless? Anchor in Claimed land? Where do we “safely”(term used losely) log out?
  5. Great question. Since you have a sloop, where’s the best place to “anchor” it? For while offline ? We’ve made a couple but they’re destroyed by the time we’re back logged into the game? Anchor at Freeport? Do we turn it in like to “dock” safely somewhere ?
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